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Making fake snow

Who doesn’t love playing with snow? Whether it’s a full snowball fight or simply enjoying the texture of it, snow can be so much fun and interesting too. Sometimes though, whether in the depths of winter or during the bright summer months, there is just none to be seen, so we improvise and make ‘snow’ in our kitchen. The first time we did this we started by using a kit. They’re readily available online.

Fake snow with a kit

If you have a nappy to hand, you can also use our back up option though which works very well.

What you will need:

A (clean!) disposable nappy
Some water


Carefully cut the nappy open and feel the cotton wool type material inside.
Pour water onto it, a little at a time, until the water is fully absorbed.
Break it apart, mould it, consider the difference the water has made to how it feels.

Fake snow from a nappyScience facts!

The middle of the nappy is made up of a superabsorbent polymer called sodium polyacrylate. The idea, of course, is that it will keep baby dry for both comfort and for the prevention of nappy rash. When used to create ‘snow’ however the water is absorbed and converts into a fluffy, cool substance that can be moulded with too. It also expands slightly, meaning that the inside of one nappy could provide fun for all three of my boys. One each would have given them enough to create a small snow scene!

If you let it dry out, you can reuse it too! Or, pop it in your refrigerator to make it feel even colder.

Playing with fake snowTop tips:

This is an excellent sensory play activity for small hands, but to keep things slightly more manageable (for you!) I would suggest using a baking tray to contain the snow. It makes it much easier to clean and tidy up when the play time has ended.

Little hands often find there way to little mouths – so do be sure to keep a close eye on children whilst having fun with this experiment.

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