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Holidays. I love them! Now that the boys are getting a little older I am feeling both excited and determined to start travelling more extensively with them. They’re of an age now when we can manage longer holidays, or perhaps more specifically we can manage the longer journey times. Last year we had a lovely break in Scotland, and this year we’re eyeing up the possibility of going further afield. A scenic road trip would be ideal and I’ve come up with a few ideas of places to go:

1. Austria
I have been to Austria once, about twenty years ago, for a school skiing trip. I would love to travel there during the summer months and explore the Alps! I think that my boys would be thrilled to see the mountains too.

2. Italy
I love Italy and have visited a number of Italian cities, but the peace and tranquillity of Lake Garda is a real draw and seems entirely possible by road.

3. The Netherlands
I have never visited the Netherlands, but with direct car ferries available from the UK I suspect that we could go on holiday there with relative ease.

4. Ireland
I have only been to Ireland once, which feels rather poor form given that I have familial connections to the country. I would be so excited to take my boys to Fota Island near Cobh, or to visit the Giant’s Causeway together.

5. France
I spent many a summer holiday experiencing France with my parents and sisters and would love to do the same with my husband and our boys. I would especially like to take them to the Loire Valley or maybe even Provence.

Cobh, Eire

Of course, if we do manage to get away then we need to be prepared. Long journeys in this country (such as our holiday to Scotland last year) have given us an idea of what we need. Plenty of in car entertainment for starters. Games, audiobooks and small goody bags can make a real difference. Provisions in case of getting stuck in traffic are important too, plenty of water and suitable snacks (i.e. not something that will melt five minutes down the road) are a must have. We also always travel with our portable potty in the boot just in case any of the boys get really desperate!

An additional and vital ingredient to be added to the mix for a successful road trip holiday is to check the car itself. Whilst modern vehicles might be more reliable (I’d wager I’m not the only person who has a memory of breaking down in the car en route somewhere as a youngster) it is important that you check them over. Things that I always check before any journey of distance are:

Lights (are they all working, do we have spare bulbs?);
Tyres (tread, pressure and general state of repair);
Oil levels;
Radiator fluid levels;
Windscreen washer;
Wiper blades (look for signs of deterioration);
Tool kit (including a bright torch which, in my opinion, is invaluable for a wide range of reasons extending beyond looking after the car);
Fuel levels (sounds obvious but nobody wants to finally set off on a journey only to have to pull into a petrol station ten minutes later!).

Of course where your car is concerned, perhaps the most important thing of all is to ensure that all services are up to date. These will highlight any areas of concern and provide advice about the above too. This can be time consuming, but with garages nationwide Kwik Fit are a good company to remember, and you can even book yourself an appointment online at a convenient location.

Scottish Countryside

So there you go. Another element to add the foreign travel part of our family bucket list, and one that can perhaps be an annual feature.

Are you heading off on a road trip this year? Do drop me a comment below, I’d love to know your favourite locations for family holidays!

European Family Road Trip Adventures

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