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TrackR pixel in packaging

As a busy mum of three with umpteen plates spinning at any one time, I know how chaotic life can become especially, it seems, when we are working to a deadline for going out! In the rush of leaving the house I am known for putting my keys down and forgetting where they are. Often it takes twice as long to get anywhere as I retrace my steps looking for them whilst trying not to lose a child back into their bedroom, the garden or the living room. When TrackR offered to send me a Bluetooth device to assist, I admit that I jumped at the opportunity!

TrackR device with instructions.

The TrackR comes with a handy loop for attaching it to items such as keys or bags, or a circular sticky pad for attaching it to things like a remote control or the inside of your wallet. It is discreet in size and with a few keys on my regular key fob it’s barely noticeable. To operate it, all you need is a smartphone. You simply download the free app and follow the instructions on screen to pair the device. It takes no more than a couple of minutes to do. If you then lose your (in my case) keys, ensure that the Bluetooth on your phone is turned on and call the device. It’s that easy. The TrackR will make a clear noise that is audible even when it is placed in a bag in another room. Additionally, it is fitted with an LED light which illuminates. The sound and the light continue until you cancel the call from your phone. The light is especially useful in the dark or if the lost item turns out to be at the bottom of a bag. If there is lots of background noise it may also help to catch your attention.

TrackR lit up when it is being called.

When you register your device on the app you have the option to sign up to Crowd Locate too. This handy feature alerts you confidentially if anyone else with the app passes your lost device and helps you to pinpoint its location. So as well as finding your own lost property, if you have the app running in the background you could also be helping others to find theirs without even knowing it!

Another selling point is that you can also call your phone from the device. On the mornings when my keys are firmly in my hand but my mobile phone has slipped into the folded hood of the buggy, I can find that too, even if I have left it on silent.

TrackR in my hand

The above all seemed straight forward when I did some research on the TrackR, but there were a few things that I was keen to find out more about. Most of these are answered on the TrackR website, but some I will reiterate them here (they’ve not asked me to do this, I just feel that it would be useful for you).

The TrackR is a Bluetooth device. It does not have a live GPS function so you can’t locate a stolen car as it is being driven away or when it is discarded. You can, however, locate the device within Bluetooth range. I have tested this throughout our home and have not encountered any issues. This includes testing it out in far corners of the house, in different rooms, and buried underneath piles of what is best described as ‘stuff’. The product is advertised as working within a range of around 30 – 40 ft indoors, and 100 ft outdoors. One useful tip by the company is that if you leave your Bluetooth enabled on your phone, and you leave your belongings somewhere that is out of range by the time you realise, then the app will tell you the last location that your phone and the device were connected, which may help to reunite you.

The app itself has a distance range. Much like the school game of ‘hot or cold’ it will tell you whether you are getting closer or further away. I’ll be honest that it seemed either incredibly sensitive or not entirely reliable, but in general terms it helped to steer me to a position where I could at least hear or see the device.

The battery is replaceable which makes it much more attractive as a purchase. I read that in theory the battery will last for approximately one year. The literature says that there is a function that will tell me when it is running low. Having only had the device a matter of days I haven’t been able to test that out myself.

Finally, you might like to know that the device comes in a variety of colours to suit your preference. I was sent a black one to try out and I have to say it looks very smart.

TrackR attached to my car key

I hope that you have found this post useful. I was very excited to receive and try out this product from TrackR. I have no doubt that it will speed up the efficiency of getting out in the morning and I can’t wait to try it on the school run when my keys or phone have seemingly disappeared!

Thank you to TrackR for supplying the item for review. To find out more about my policy on posts like this one, please visit my disclosure page.

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