Finding Responsibility With KeySafe

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KeySafe secured outside

As I grew into double-figures as a child, my parents wanted to give me a greater sense of responsibility. Nowhere was this more prominent than in being able to leave the house without them in attendance. Meticulously arranged meet-ups with friends necessitated many minutes on the landline telephone to make sure we’d all turn up at the right place at the right time.

One thing that never came into these carefully made plans though, was a house key. Generally I had one on me, but I knew if I forgot that there was one tucked away in the far corner of the garden inside an old plastic tub (a very 80s solution which most insurance companies would not approve of today!). That way, if I returned to find mine was locked inside and everyone else was out, I could still get in. I suspect that it gave my parents some peace of mind too, as well as avoiding coming home to a grumpy teenager standing under the apple trees!

As a parent now myself, I am fast approaching the stage where our eldest will, before long, start the adventure of making short trips out on his own as well. I have no doubt that he will relish the opportunity to experience the joy of meeting up with his peers without my presence over his shoulder. When that time comes, he will have his own house key, but in preparation for the moments that it is forgotten I have been looking into solutions.

As society changes, and always mindful of the latest Neighbourhood Watch information that gets sent around the local area, a modern version of a hidden plastic pot isn’t the option that I’m looking for. Not to mention our eager young dog who would likely sniff it out and rehome it in an entirely different spot in the garden anyway! This is where the team from KeySafe come in with a great solution. A KeySafe can be securely fitted anywhere on your property. On the inside is a hook to keep your keys tidy, and access is by using a numerical PIN which can be shared among your family. This simple but highly effective and secure method of storing a spare key saves anyone getting locked out, whilst also keeping access to your home restricted to a trusted few.

Further research showed me that the Supra P500 Police Preferred Keysafe has Police accreditation for being fitted on outside walls. It has additional features too such as an attack resistant inset and an optional alarm. I suspect my insurance company would be quite happy with this as a safe option for storing an additional key, and the boys would be able to use it as they grow for those inevitable moments that they leave the house without their own. The team tell me that their safes are “as secure as a front door” which gives me even more confidence about installing a key safe on my home to allow for this new found freedom.

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As each of my children grow there is that somewhat familiar tug of wanting them to stay little whilst being incredibly proud of the people that they are becoming with each extra step taken through life. I think encouraging independence in our children is important though, and I believe will make them more resilient as adults. I know the first time each of our boys goes out without us will probably result in some extreme self-control not to pick up the phone and check-in on them! Giving them that freedom to choose how and when they see people will encourage some self-reliance and practical organisation skills. Just fully expect me to stand on the side lines finding small tricks like the KeySafe to help ease them into the adult world.

So, now the keys are sorted, what’s next as we step off the rung of young children into the realms of the teenage years? Let me know your advice below!

N.B. This post was written in collaboration with KeySafe. I am grateful to them for introducing me to their police accredited safes. All thoughts, opinions and experiences are, as always, my own. For more information please visit my disclosure page.