Five Funny Things

I was tagged a few weeks ago by Louise over at Mummy Miller to write a Five Funny Things post (you can find her ‘Five Funny Things’ post here). The point of the post is to share the top five funny (or funny and cute) things that your children do. Here’s my list:

1. Eating all the food

All of it. Everywhere. If we go to a birthday party Munch sweeps the leftovers onto his plate with aplomb. He has been known to tuck a piece of toast into the crook of his arm as he wanders out of the kitchen with a casual flair, hoping nobody will have noticed him sneaking away from the table with food.

2. Rugby tackles

These come courtesy of The Loud One. For a two year old he packs a huge amount of energy into his muscles and can tackle me to the floor as part of a game. He is a complete gentle giant but also very enthusiastic when it comes to burning off energy as he plays! This extends to him being very adept at the art muscling in to photobomb at every opportunity…!

3. Cushion fort

Number three is owned by all of our boys. Whilst some people have duvet days, our boys have come up with cushion fort days. Instead of watching the telly snuggled under a blanket, cushions are carefully arranged, normally into a square shape, and they sit in that. It is super cute to see and we should definitely take more photos before they lose the desire to sit happily in such close proximity.

4. Road hills

Ever driven along a road with inclines or declines? So have we, lots of them. The Loud One shouts out with glee every time the road changes from flat to undulating “road hills!!!!!”. He absolutely loves them and I suspect that when he is a little older than two he will be quite the adrenaline junkie.

5. Names

Another from Munch, this time it’s names. He tries so hard to recall the names of those around him, but with a blur of school friends, his siblings’ friends, adults and more it’s easy to understand that the odd one might get forgotten. Being the sociable creature that he is, he doesn’t like this to stand in his way. Instead of getting caught up in diplomatically skirting around the issue at hand, or spending time asking, he makes up a name instead. Normally it is similar but not quite the actual name of the person whom he is addressing. Whilst I admit to hoping that this foible is outgrown at some stage, at the moment it is pretty sweet!


What funny things do your little ones do that make you laugh or smile?

Thank you again to Louise for the tag!


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13th September 2017


jumping, my son hasn’t mastered jumping yet but his attempts are adorably funny #Blogstravaganza

Ah bless his heart, this is so lovely to read. Thanks for joining #blogstravaganza

Thank you for your comment 🙂 and for hosting x

My son doesn’t stop eating, we recently went to a family party where he went and took nuts off of other tables! He also struggles with names and Daddy has been called Harry (his best friend) many times lol #Blogstravaganza

Ah, sweet! Love their funny ways 🙂

Ah I love this, I remeber making cushion forts when I was little! Days like that were so much fun! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

They are so much fun aren’t they? We made dens when I was little but I confess cushion forts were new to me until I had my boys!

My daughter also likes to go around and check out other people’s plates of food at groups and events! It’s like I don’t feed her!

Haha, I feel like that too. I don’t know where he puts it all! 🙂

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