Five Things About Me

I was tagged on Instagram to write five things about myself that you might not all know. So I thought I would share them here too. Here’s me. Behind the Cup of Toast blogger.

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1. My favourite subjects at school were English, History, Music and Foreign Languages with a sprinkle of Geography and Biology. I dreamt of becoming a writer, a musician or a film producer.

2. After much discussion with my parents I decided not to apply to a Performing Arts or Music College after my A Levels. Instead I went to The University of Liverpool and studied English Language and Literature (which I loved). My dissertation was on the work of Virginia Woolf which sparked a long-term interest in the line between fact and fable in works of fictional literature.

3. During my time at university I took a temporary job in the headquarters of a large high street travel agent as a recruitment assistant. It was supposed to last for three days but they kept me on for an entire summer. The following Spring they offered me the role of Assistant HR Adviser and they held the role for me until I’d finished my course. I then studied a post graduate course in HR Management and Business Studies and was proud to progress to become HR Business Partner at a regulatory company by the age of 25.

4. I had a long-held desire to travel to Peru and see Maccu Picchu which I achieved in my early twenties. Whilst there I picked up a suspected viral infection that would later lead to a diagnosis of post viral fatigue, followed by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In my early thirties I developed Chronic Pain too. I don’t regret my trip for a second. It taught me so much about history, culture and humanity.

5. I don’t consider myself to be a woman of many talents, but when time, health, and money permit, I enjoy horse riding, playing the piano and studying history (along with writing!). I am hoping to take a Royal Yachting Association course in the future and go sailing with my family. I have wonderful memories of my grandfather sailing and rowing, and I met my husband at school in a sailing lesson (although it was many years before we got together).


So that’s me. Fairly steady and not too adventurous or exciting. Perhaps that’s something to work on as I head through the latter stages of my thirties! What about you? Any hidden talents? Do drop me a comment below!


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28th January 2018


I’d say you have lots of accomplishments! I wish I learned to play piano, maybe one day I will and I too want to sail around the world with my family. That would be such an adevture

Thank you very much 🙂 sailing around the world would be amazing!

How interesting, I would say you’re pretty adventurous from the sounds of it. I love what you’ve done and how grounded you also sound. Sorry to hear about the viral infection from Peru. I was also there for quite a while and ill a few times with different things. Cute to hear how you met your hubby.

Thank you for your comment. Peru is a fascinating country. I learnt so much when I was there, especially about culture. I will be forever grateful that I was able to go.

Sounds like you’re a very grounded and driven person. I love how varied your interests are!

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