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Thank you cake

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to send a cake through the post? Stale? Dry? Crumbly or upside down and smeared over the inside of the box by the time it arrived? Not with bakerdays. They recently sent me one of their lovely cakes for review and I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed. My worries were completely unfounded.

My involvement started when bakerdays asked if anyone would like to review a cake. We’re big fans of all things food in our house so I was immediately interested. The ordering process was so simple. There are many options to choose from in terms of design (take a look at their website here to see the full range), and there are a variety of cake types too. I chose a design that I thought might make a perfect end of year gift for a teacher, with a bright pencil crayon border and a chocolate chip sponge filling. My order was quickly on its way.

Arriving in a box that measures 3.5cm x 16.5cm x 22cm, the cake should fit through most standard letterboxes. To be honest, our postman felt that it was a bit of a squeeze so he chose to ring our doorbell, but when I tested it later it would have gone through with a little encouragement. The cake on the inside was well wrapped, coming in a handy cake tin. A gel packet soaked up any excess moisture that may occur during its journey, and the tin and packaging within ensured that everything stayed exactly where it should do. When I opened the box I found not just the cake tin but also a complimentary pack of balloons, a party blower and two candles with holders. There were also a few promotional leaflets.

Within the tin the cake was secured in its bag with clear to follow instructions to remove it. It came out easily and looked excellent when presented on a plate.

So far so good. I was impressed with the process and the presentation of the product. Next came the taste testing. I called on the captain of cake eating in our household – AKA my husband – to do the honours. Munching happily through a slice he was impressed, saying that it was moist, sweet but not over sweet, and that it would be a perfect compliment to a cup of tea.

Next up it was my turn. My husband was spot on with his thoughts. It was sweet but not overbearing, and not at all dry. I also thought that it was quite light and fluffy, certainly a gift that I would happily send as a present.

According to bakerdays, the cake would stay fresh for 2 weeks if kept in a cool dark place (not in the refrigerator), although I’ll be honest, ours didn’t last that long so I can’t say if it would have done. It certainly tasted fresh on arrival though so I don’t doubt that it would have lasted a while. The great way that it was packaged would make me confident in ordering it to my home address and hand delivering it to a recipient a few days later.

The letterbox style says that it will serve 3 – 4 people, although we felt that you could get 6 – 8 small slices out of it which would be perfect for an afternoon catch up over a cup of tea with family or friends (or by all means order for one and enjoy it with a spoon 😉 ).

There is lots of information on various ingredients on the bakerdays website, including gluten free and dairy free varieties. At the time of writing I couldn’t see any vegan options, which was the only downside as I know people who are vegan and would not be able to enjoy this cake as a present.

All in all though, if your dietary requirements are met then I would happily recommend this product.

The cake was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. For further information please see my disclosure page.