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Free Days In Ideas - Lego

Free Days In Ideas - Lego

When we look towards the holidays or a clear weekend in the diary I know that my mind is often full with ideas of places to go. Actually, though, staying at home can be just as refreshing and there’s so much to do that can be overlooked, and best of all is free. Here are some of our favourites.


Science fun

If you haven’t already seen it, our walking water experiment always goes down well at home and is easy to do. If you don’t have food colouring though I suspect that you’ll have the ingredients for other science experiments. What about making a volcano, or cleaning a coin with cola. Perhaps you could simply look at weighing different objects, or consider things that might sink or float.

Play a game

Board games are a big hit in our family, but there are so many other games to try too. Recently I picked up Elefun and the boys have barely put it away. A little bit of exercise and lots of fun, I can see why this has already become a firm favourite.

Build a den

Who doesn’t love a spot of den building? Grab some sheets, a few pillows or cushions, some chairs, a stack of snacks and books and you’re away. It’s the perfect way to combine creativity with calm.


Raid the cupboards to see what you have. Biscuits, cakes, chocolate truffles. There’s almost always something that can be made from what you already have in.

Put on a show

I confess I had mixed feelings about putting on shows as a child. Sometimes I loved them, other times I felt rather embarrassed. My boys I think have mixed feelings too, but they are fun and if the whole family gets involved in the production then the spotlight doesn’t have to fall on any one person who isn’t so keen.

Do some exercise

Yoga is something that I am keen to start with my boys. There are lots of videos on You Tube that I will be checking out with them. Anything that calms the mind whilst helping to strengthen the body is good to me! Of course there are all sorts of other ways to get exercise whilst at home. You could make a simple obstacle course in your garden, or try skipping. Even doing action songs like the Hokey Cokey gets the heart working!

Movie afternoon

These are the afternoons that I put in when my CFS gets bad or the heat is just too much. Shut the curtains, snuggle up with some popcorn and choose a film together. This is a lovely relaxed way to spend time together and take some time out to sit down.

Junk modelling

This is an easy option for those days that take you by surprise. The car won’t start, someone is sick, you’re expecting a delivery and they give you the broadest possible delivery time slot. Grab your recycling box and see what you have. Plastic bottles, cardboard, tin foil. Have fun! Just remember to recycle it all again when the creation is no longer wanted.

Lego day

Every one loves Lego. Tip every piece you have out and create something together. A new world, a race track, a castle. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Treasure hunt

Who says a treasure hunt has to take place outside? It’s easy to make one that would suit indoors too. Find something purple, find something soft, something hard, something bright, something useful. With enough clues this could last a while…!

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I’d love to hear what free things to do you would add to my list! Do let me know in the comments.