Our children love learning, and my husband and I love to watch and learn with them. Looking at the world through their eyes: the wonder of an aeroplane, the delight of a racing car, the quiet calm of sheep in a field or the soft song of the dawn chorus. It hasn’t come as a surprise therefore that now Chief is 6 and Munch is 4, they are challenging our knowledge and we are learning new facts together. The difference between explosive and effusive volcanic eruptions for example. The possibility of white holes as well as black holes. Today, it was ‘frit’.

At the weekend you may have read about my hair donation. Our two older boys were very enthusiastic about coming with me into town and we chose to get there on the bus. A real treat for them as we rarely take the bus, and for me that I could sit with them and look out at the world around us as we travelled. Also, I learnt a new fact, courtesy of Chief. Frit. Never before had I questioned why bus windows have black dots around the edges of them. I thought it was something to do with the type of glass or the use of glass, but I certainly didn’t know it had a name, and that there is a process behind it (yes, I thought that they were added on afterwards for some reason). Now, I don’t suggest that I give you the definition of what ‘frit’ is, mostly because there is a chance that I might miss some detail out and this is absolutely not my area of expertise. However, I did want to write about it, because it seems that all too often we can be busy with life and not stop and learn from each other, whatever our age. I love that my six and four year olds challenge my understanding, and I hope that my two year old will start to do the same in months/ years to come. If I can raise them to always question, challenge, learn and share then I will be very proud.

I’d love to hear about things that you’ve learnt from members of your family, young or old, that have been interesting or a surprise! Please leave a comment below, or you can email me using the links to the right.

Pink Pear Bear

6th February 2017


It’s so true, our children open our eyes to so much of the world that we are blind to in our busy everyday lives. They see things in such a fresh, untainted way.

Thank you for your comment, and I agree! I remember being worried years ago that my children would be interested in things that I didn’t know much about, and how I could support them with that. My Mum assured me that I would love learning with them, she was so right!

How interesting and I agree, you can learn from your children. I know I’ve learnt a lot from mine. We do need to take a step back sometimes and look at the world around us, and especially take note of how special everything is though a child’s eye.

Thank you. Yes, so easy to get caught up in life sometimes. It was wonderful sitting on the bus noticing all the little things that they spotted and were of interest!

Ooooh now I really need to know! My kids teach me stuff all the time. They also love getting the bus with me. Thanks for being such an important part of the #bigpinklink

Thank you for hosting! I love learning new things/ words or rediscovering old ones from a new perspective. Enjoy looking at the frit next time you take your children on a bus 😉

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