Getting Active This Spring

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Family walking

Family walking

According to a ComRes poll for BUPA back in November 2015, the most common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and get fit. According to the same information around 80 per cent of us Brits have broken those resolutions by the end of March. I understand why. It can be hard to keep up that post-Christmas / January momentum when the days are short and the call of a hot drink, blanket and a sofa is so strong in the evening. So I’m here with some ideas to keep you moving this spring:

1. Grab a hoola hoop and set yourself a challenge – how long can you keep it going for? You will find that you increase your time slowly whilst having so much fun.

2. Pop on some tunes and move your feet. It’s surprisingly easy to have a boogie whilst cooking, brushing your teeth or doing the housework.

3. Walk to school, to work, to the shops, with your family, or just for fun. Uphill, downhill, towns, cities or countryside, walking can really help to build stamina without much effort.

4. Block some time out to put on an exercise DVD. First thing in the morning when you get up, or at the end of the day. Make it regular and before long it will be part of your routine. If you don’t have one then take a peek on YouTube for inspiration. Or if that isn’t your thing then try some gentle stretches, sit ups, squats or even a good old plank or two in front of the television.

5. Grab a ball and have a game of footie or catch with your family or friends. Exercising with others can be so productive as it puts the focus squarely on having fun!


Whatever you choose to do, making a few tweaks or incorporating just a small amount of extra exercise into each day can make such a difference.

Are you hoping to be more active this year? How are you achieving that? Be sure to drop me a note in the comments!

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