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Hotel reception area

Hotel reception area

Regular readers of my blog and my social media will know that I love a bargain. You’ll also know that I love to travel and that it is very much on my agenda to have some short breaks and longer holidays with my family this year. I can’t wait to start showing the boys more of the world, to open their eyes and minds to different places, cultures and even languages. Not that I’ll fit all of that into one year but you know, there are longer term goals here too…!

Aside from the holiday allowance that we have from work, the only block to us travelling more with our children is that everything seems to cost so much. If we’re not taking a tent then just a few nights’ break can rocket way out of our budget. This is where sites such as Groupon come in. Rather than researching high and low for the best deals using Internet search engines (and watch the prices rise the more you look), I can head over to Groupon to see a whole variety of available offers.

It’s great for finding some of the all important deals that make seemingly everything possible. And who hasn’t heard of Groupon? I confess that there are times that I may not automatically think to use it. I really should though, especially when you see all the deals available. Like this offer (click here) which is running at the moment. As well as hotel discounts it even includes fantastic bargains on European holidays! Just the passports to sort and we could be off and within budget. Fantastic!

The only question left now is which offer to go for…

What is the best deal that you’ve found on Groupon? I’d love to know!

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