Getting back to bicycles

Bike tyre on tarmac

It’s been a long time since I have ridden a bicycle. Properly ridden one I mean, over a distance longer than the length of our drive. It’s probably been ten years, maybe even more. The saying goes that you don’t forget how to though, so last autumn my husband and I bought ourselves a pair of new-to-us bicycles.


There are a couple of reasons behind this somewhat sudden purchase. The first was the increasing levels of pain in my feet which no longer made running seem like a good option to increase my fitness levels. The second, and possibly more important reason, was to get our three boys more enthused about being active on their bicycles. They had been enjoying them before we moved house the summer before, but had lost their confidence a little. Family bike rides seemed like a perfect opportunity to not only get out together but to get active together and regain our confidence as a family, together.

The bikes that we bought are in super condition, although now we are starting to take them out more it appears that less can be said of my cycling abilities, and even less can be said of our accessories. Once heaped with bike lights, drink bottle holders and bicycle cleaner they are now nowhere to be found. Thank goodness for the internet and for Bike Discounts UK who supply all this and more at superb prices.

Riding a bike

All set to go we have ventured out a few times so far, although I confess that our family bike rides have been mostly restricted to a few wobbles along our road and a local greenway. With brighter, longer, hopefully drier days on the horizon though, I am excited to get pedalling this year. In fact, we already have a list of places to wobble around 😉 .

What activities do you enjoy to keep active as a family? Do drop me a comment below!

Getting Back to Cycling

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15th February 2018


I’ve been pretty bed bound this pregnancy, but when I am feeling well our keeping active as a family consist of lots trips to the beach, waterfall hunting & bike riding… #Blogstravaganza

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve not been well through your pregnancy. I hope that you get back to waterfall hunting soon x

My kids always loved cycling with their dad. I think it’s a lovely way to be outdoors. We live by a big lake which is perfect for cycling round – as long as you can dodge all the dogs!! x

That sounds lovely. We have a reservoir nearby but it’s dodge the flies there! x

I can’t remember the last time I rode a bike! Now my daughter can ride without stabilisers I think I might have to look into getting one! Thanks for linking up to #Blogstravaganza

I didn’t start riding again when my sons were first learning, but it’s lovely to go for short rides with them now! Helps me keep up with them too 😉

We do a lot of family walks currently but Reuben would love to be on his bike more. The problem is it means I have to run to keep up with him and my knees don’t take kindly to that. I really need to invest in a bike, he would love being out with us on bikes #Blogstravaganza

Yes, my feet wouldn’t be able to cope with running to keep up with my boys, but the bike seems much kinder to my joints 🙂

I really can’t wait until our girls can ride their bikes longer distances, I think it’ll be good for all of us! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

It’s a lot of fun! We need to work on our stamina now 🙂 xx

Excellent write up, I love riding my bicycle as a form of exercise, at first when i just started out i was sore all over but resting and getting at it again day after day it has come more natural to me now. I am planning on getting the rest of the family bikes since i am such a pro now lol.

It’s definitely a fun family activity!

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