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Origami bookmark in use

Origami square

I love origami. There’s a calmness to it that really appeals to the crafty, creative side of me. The little sliver of me that wants ‘quiet time’ as Chief calls it.

When I was growing up in Leamington Spa, one of the things that I remember was the grand opening of the Royal Priors Shopping Centre in 1988. It was quite the event, the Queen came and we all waved! One of the first shops that I recall being in the Royal Priors was Hammicks book shop. They regularly had holiday events and on one such occasion a couple (Steve and Megumi Biddle) came to promote their new book about making origami shapes. So started my love for this art.

Now my boys are getting older I am enjoying passing this skill on to them. Not that I am very skilled! I do enjoy it though and I think that there is something fun about being able to turn a piece of paper into a swan or a boat.

I was asked recently to share how to make an origami bookmark. The boys had made them with their Beavers group and this reminded me that as well as intricate pieces of art (some really are spectacular) they can be practical too. I thought I would share the steps here with you as well, so that if ever you find yourself with two minutes to spare and a square piece of paper, you can make one as well.

Origami bookmark

You will need a square piece of paper, the one I use here is 22cm square.

Origami square

Fold the top corner down to meet the opposite bottom corner, so that you create a triangle.

Fold the two top corners down to meet the point of the triangle, forming a diamond shape.

Two corners folded down

Open them back out and fold the tip of the top piece straight up.

Folding the top sheet back up - origami

Fold the two outside triangles to meet the middle, then opening them out use the fold line to tuck them up.

Making an origami bookmark

Folding the corner under - origami

Folding the corners under

You have your bookmark! You can leave it blank or decorate it with googly eyes, teeth, ears or streamers. Maybe create a mountain top or volcano – it’s entirely up to you.

Finished origami bookmark

Final bookmark

I hope that you found this useful. I would love you tag me in any photos of bookmarks that you make!

Do you love origami? What’s your favourite thing to make? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.


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