Getting My Craft On With The Handmade Fair

Ragley Hall, Warwickshire, bathed in sunshine.

As many of you will know, I went to The Handmade Fair at the weekend. In one word, it was fabulous!

Set against the beautiful backdrop of Ragley Hall, Warwickshire, and bathed in sunshine it was a wonderful day out which I’m certain will have inspired everyone who walked through the entrance.

The Handmade Fair entrance

Now in its fourth year, The Handmade Fair is presented by Kirstie Allsopp and showcases all things crafty. There are grand making sessions, you can see artists at work and of course there is a wonderful shopping village. Everything from food, to craft supplies, to beautifully handmade products such as candles, cushions, cardigans and more is packed in to the shopping area to complete your experience.

I visited the fair as a guest of Hopping Hare Candles and I have spoken previously about my love of their products. Their display was as eye catching as ever, and they had coffee beans on the table too. Any idea why? Pop over here to find out 😉 .

Hopping Hare Candles stall

Along with Hopping Hare Candles I found myself very tempted by other carefully created home accessories. I picked up a cow picture from Lucy’s Farm along with treating myself to some new fabric for a Christmas project (yes I really did just mention the ‘C’ word, and yes I am aware that a little over a month ago it was still snowing and we are in no rush for winter to descend again). I also bought some buttons from a gorgeous pick ‘n’ mix button bar (with a button selection to rival the sweet version of the late Woolworths stores) and watched on in awe at demonstrations of people embossing paper and creating lovely artwork.

Fabric selection

When it came time to have a pit stop I was spoilt for choice. Having a good nose around I quickly saw that there was something for almost every diet imaginable. No need to worry about eating out as a vegetarian or a vegan here!

What I loved most about the fair though, was the conversations that I had with the experts as I wandered around. Each one was encouraging and keen to show off their craft without any pressure at all to join in or buy their products. The enthusiasm was palpable and certainly rubbed off on me as my creative thoughts are still buzzing now. In fact I’ve come home determined to take over some of the furniture in our house and make space for a fabric drawer and a specific area to keep ideas and designs.

The Stamp Company

Folk It demonstration

Whatever creative activities you are in to I could almost guarantee that you will find something to your taste here. I certainly did (several times over, it’s a good job my husband is relaxed about my spending habits) and I am already looking forward to going again.

The Handmade Fair Sense Bear


What’s your favourite craft activity? I feel as though I need to make more time to try new ones now! Do let me know in the comments below.

N.B. Thank you to Hopping Hare Candles for inviting me to this event. Although I was there as their guest, there was no expectation on me to share my experience on my blog or through my social media. I am doing so purely because I enjoyed myself so much! For more information, as always, please take a look at my disclosure page.


Getting My Craft On

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16th May 2018


My mum and sisters would go crazy for this craft fair – they are such creative women. Glad you had such a nice time xx

It was so good! It’s in Wiltshire at the end of June and goes to Hampton Court in September. Definitely worth a trip xx

Oh my goodness, this is so up my alley. I love fairs like this so jealous! Off to go find out why Hopping Hare Candles had coffee beans on their table! #Blogstravaganza

It’s a very interesting reason!

Sounds lovely and what a great way to see and be introduced to new crafts #Blogstravaganza

It was so inspiring! xx

It looks like you had a lovely time! I have dreams of being there one day with my craft and party boxes for children! My favourite craft activity has to be making marbled mugs. I made them with the kids when I was sharing gift ideas for kids to make on my Instagram and Facebook pages. They’re so easy to make but look really effective.

I’ll have to take a look at those. I saw a video of a marbled mirror cake recently, that was amazing! Not sure if my skills would stretch to making one of those though 😉

I love craft fairs. They are as shop local as you can get! I enjoy talking to the vendors. I am a sucker for candles. I might have spent my money on that first tent. #blogstravaganza

So do I. I love the passion and enthusiasm, but also the knowledge. It was such fun to go to.

Wow it looks like a fun fair! I love seeing different crafts and people’s creativity. #Blogstravaganza

It was so much fun. Wish I could go back again this weekend!

Sounds like you had a really lovely day! I love seeing other peoples craft items. I keep trying to get into crafts but I always find something else to do instead! #Blogstravaganza

It was such a great day out and gave me lots of inspiration!

This sounds like such a fun event and glorious weather to go with it too! Thanks you as ever fellow #Blogstravaganza host! xx

It was so much fun! 🙂 xx

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