Gracefully Grey

Grey hairs coming through

I was in my very early twenties when I discovered my first grey hair. I did what many other people have done I’m sure, and quickly plucked it out. As a few more came through they went the same way. A quick tug and it was as though they were never there.

In my mid-twenties, tasked with a very good job which came wrapped up in responsibility and a degree of stress, many more grey hairs appeared. They came through so quickly that tugging them out simply wasn’t an option. In came the hair dye. I hadn’t dyed my hair very much before. There was one occasion when I mistakenly picked up plum and dyed it purple. There was another when I was sure that Sun-In would look cool. It didn’t. It looked orange.

From my mid-twenties for just over ten years my hair remained under a coat of brown dye. I used different shades to mix it up a little and I always knew that one day I would let the grey grow through. I plucked an arbitrary age from the air and decided that my forties might be the time to hand my hair back to nature.

Last year, as some of you might recall, I donated 12 inches of my hair to The Little Princess Trust. At the time it was dyed which complied with their rules: dyed hair is fine; grey hair is not. As it started growing back from short to medium length, I noticed that the grey was a more prominent colour in my locks than I had realised. I passed my birthday pondering what to do. I hated my roots when they sprang through but I didn’t feel quite old enough to let my grey shine. Last autumn I made a decision. I might not be in my forties, but I would let my hair go back to its natural colour. With a little help from a hairdresser to blend some lighter colour in as the grey grows through it is on its way to being 100 per cent my colour again. I confess that as it is coming through I had forgotton what my natural brown looked like. It has been quite a surprise to remember that it is a darker and richer shade than the dye I was using. It has also been a surprise to find that the majority of my grey is actually now turning white.

So the reason that I’m sharing this with you? Next week is my birthday. I’m not looking forward to it. I’m not sure why but moving into a new decade sits better with me than getting towards the end of one. Next week I will be 37. I think back to when I was 27. I was getting married and looking forward to what that would bring. Three babies and one house move later I’m feeling pretty settled and wondering instead what will happen over the next decade. How my health will hold up. Whether we will travel more. How the boys will grow into their teenage years and young adulthood, and whether Chief will be eyeing up university life (I can’t quite imagine my boys being 17, 15 and 13!).

One thing is for sure though, I am focussed and determined to enjoy those years and grow grey with grace.


Letting the grey shine


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8th May 2018


Grey hair is actually in fashion. I think it’s wonderful to let the grey shine through. I’m not worried at all about being grey – my husband is getting properly grey now and he looks great. I’ll gradually change my highlights to cool blondes first though and go from there. xx

That’s exactly what I’m doing, a few ash blonde bits to blend it through as my brown dye grows out 😉 xx

Well done you for embracing the greyness…I started going grey in my twenties also (I’m the same age as you), and have to dye my hair regularly…that photo looks great though, some people would pay a fortune to achieve that look in a salon! #Blogstravaganza

Ha, yes! There does seem to be a lot of ‘blending’ going on at the moment. It feels a little strange to see how white I’ve got, but also a relief to let it do its thing!

I notice a whole lot more creeping in. I am ok with it. #blogstravaganza

I’m certainly feeling more comfortable about it than I did a year ago.

Yay! I’m not the only one who is 100% cool with natural gray coming in! I still only have a few, but I just don’t see the appeal of dyeing for the rest of my life.

That’s exactly it. Plus I don’t have the time or patience to dye it every couple of weeks 😉

Embrace it! Natural hair is so gorgeous to me! Mother Nature’s streaks for wisdom and experience are breathtaking!
Cheers to your on your birthday and the next decade!

What a lovely way to describe them, I think I will pinch that!

I’ve decided a long time ago that once the greys start becoming prominent it will be a chance to have fun changing up my hair colour as I don’t really dye my hair. I’ve always kept my natural hair colour. 😊 #blogstravaganza

I think in my twenties I didn’t have the confidence to pull grey hair off. Now in my (later) thirties I am finally getting there!

I think it’s amazing that you donated your hair, such a great thing to do! Much love as ever feloow #Blogstravaganza host! Xx

Thank you lovely! I had thought about having a big chop about ten months earlier and a friend mentioned about hair donation so I decided to grow it a bit longer so I could give a decent length. It felt like a nice thing to do, and hopefully it will have been useful too! Xx

I recently had my 3rd baby and this had to be the most challenging pregnancy & birth… with it came many grey hairs. I’d love to be more confident and leave them but I’m not there with being gracefully grey at this point. #Blogstravaganza

I think the timing has to be right. I couldn’t have let all my grey shine through before now, I just didn’t feel comfortable enough.

I don’t think I could grow my hair long enough to donate it! Great thing to do with your hair! #Blogstravaganza

The ‘frost’ will only make you sparkle more! 😊

What a lovely way to think of it 🙂

I haven’t taken the plunge yet and am in my forties. I’m still with the blonde highlights and haven’t had a full growing out period for so many years. I’ve decided that at some point over the next couple of years I am going to go for a complete restyle as my hair is quite long. I’ve always loved the quirky little style lou lou has even though I look nothing like her!

I’m still dying my hair, while I watch my son’s turn grey! I don’t think I’m ready yet to embrace it despite having 15 years on you. Maybe that’s the problem?

I think that the timing needs to be right for each person. For me that’s now, but I always thought that I would be older before I embraced it!

I last dyed my hair about 2 years ago, but I’m thinking about dying it again, mostly to cover up the few grey hairs that are appearing! I don’t know, maybe I’ll just leave my natural colours , it’s probably easier! Why hide it? #blogstravanza

It’s definitely easier not to worry about the regrowth 😉

my third pregnancy brought with it so many grey hairs. at 32 I feel like I’m too young for this and desperately try and hide them.. being blonde its quite easy but maybe you’re right, maybe I should let the real me shine through! #LGRTStumble

My third brought a wave of them with him too! I have to say it feels quite liberating to not have to wallop the dye on every third / fourth week 😉

I started going grey when I was 23 and I didn’t really mind those few gray hairs in the first few years but then my husband who is a foot taller than me started commenting on them because he could see them more looking down at me and that started the highlights etc.

My husband is almost a foot taller than me too. He doesn’t comment on the grey but it did make me more aware of my roots when they grew through when I was dyeing my hair dark brown!

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