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The Little Princess Trust provide real hair wigs, free of charge, to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland who have lost their hair as a result of illness or from the treatment of illness. They ask for a minimum of seven inches because surprisingly around four inches can be lost through the knotting (wig making) process. Donations of 12 inches or more can be used to make long hair wigs for girls, and donations of between seven and ten inches are used to create shorter wigs when required.

Whilst I love long hair on other people, I’ve never been particularly capable when it comes to keeping my own locks in great shape when they’re long, so I was rather looking forward to having it cut. The interim stage of maintaining it whilst it was growing was the part that I was dreading (and it takes forever to grow so this wasn’t going to be a quick stage!). All of a sudden I saw this as not my hair, but hair that I was growing for a child who was going through something that no child should ever have to face. I felt a huge responsibility to keep it in great condition for them. To let it dry naturally as often as possible and not use too many styling products on it. To check that the ingredients of products I was using didn’t have any ‘nasties’ in them that might dry the hair out or weaken it. It was nothing compared to what others do for charity, but it wasn’t as easy as I had anticipated.

A few people asked if I was setting up a fundraising site. Initially I wasn’t going to, mostly because it would be a relief to have it cut and not worry about it so much! Then I read some more about the charity and realised that they also provide money to vital research, and that there are certain types of hair that unfortunately they can’t accept donations of and have to buy in the wigs instead. The additional wigs cost them in the region of £350-£500 each and, along with their research, I felt that if I could somehow help to raise even just £10 to go towards these expenses then that would be an added bonus for them. With one week to go, I created an online donation page and set myself a target of £50. At the time of publication, I have currently raised £85 (online and offline) for which I am hugely appreciative, thank you if you have donated!

So, today was the day and I have been for the big chop. My long hair is already largely forgotten, lying in two plaits inside an envelope ready to be posted on Monday morning. I am delighted with the job that my hairdresser has done, and await the return of my crazy curls after my next hair wash! And the length? I donated 12 inches in the end 🙂

To find out more about the Little Princess Trust, please click the link above, or here.

 Before the event, my hair got pretty long for me!

 Having it chopped. Owner of one, nearly two, cut plaits!

 The after photo. Super happy with how it looks and that I donated 12 inches in total to the charity.

4th February 2017


Your new hair looks fab! Such a great cause too, well done you 🙂 x

Thank you so much! I will be brushing my neck for a while, but enjoying the new look 😉 x

Very well done on your fundraising and love your new look! What struck me in particular about your post was the preparation needed in order to donate your hair. There was so much more effort involved than just turning up to the hairdresser’s and asking for a cut! Well done to your stylist too for taking the time to make sure the cut met the requirements for wig-making x

Thank you! My hairdresser was fab as always and made the event feel so comfortable today 🙂 yes, there was a lot to think about and I wanted to make sure it was in the best condition possible so that the charity can use it. It looked quite wild at times, especially over the past few weeks, but it felt lovely so I’ve learnt a lot about hair care products through this process too x

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