Half Term Holiday Fun

The half term break has been and gone here in Warwickshire, and time has definitely been munching through the days again as it flew past! The emphasis this holiday was very much on friends. Play dates at our house and friends accommodating me and my boys took up nearly every day. Chief commented that we’d never had such a busy holiday. We also found plenty of time to play in our garden and make a start on some of the changes that will be taking place this month. In particular we said goodbye to our old shed which has been removed to make way for a summer house when the main garden work has been completed. Our skip arrived during the week and we’re so excited to get rid of more concrete and extend the grass. Not only will it be lovely for us, but I’m hoping that the more natural feel will encourage even more garden visitors in the form of birds, bugs and butterflies.

The past week has also seen us cantering into June (I really feel like the New Year was only a few weeks ago). For those of you who follow me on social media you will know that we are participating in the #30dayswild Wildlife Trusts challenge this year. I am delighted to be one of the bloggers taking part in this, and you can find details of everyone participating here. A full blog post will follow later this month, but so far we are enjoying ourselves and trying to get closer to nature and understand a little more about the world around us. We have been for a walk in the woods, moved snails and spiders away from the danger of the skip, observed spider webs in the grass and considered the behaviour of different birds along with other interesting facts. I learnt that the Chiffchaff is a ground nesting bird for example, whilst our boys have been fascinated to understand more about how not all birds are kind to each other (as first displayed in May when a Great Spotted Woodpecker was making eyes at our Blue Tit’s nesting box). The garden work and continued focus on our wildflower area and bug hotel will become part of our efforts too, and are coincidentally but perfectly timed.

Finally, by way of a round-up of the past week, I have had comments featured on other blog posts which I’ve been delighted with, and I’ve been busy writing guest posts for other blogs too. Do make sure that you follow me on my social media channels (links below) to keep up to date!

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I hope that you all had a lovely week whether or not you were on a half term holiday. Do get in touch to let me know what you’ve been up to!

6th June 2017

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