Half Term Holidaying in Lockdown

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A lockdown February half term holiday is not what any of us hoped for. I recall last year feeling poorly with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but still managing to get the boys out for a farm visit, having play dates with friends and taking them to museum events. None of which we can do this year.

February half term can often feel a little cold and grey. In consideration of this, it’s the holiday that I normally make the most effort with, to give the boys a feeling of having a really nice, gently paced week away from school work.

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel a little weary of looking at a screen for any reason at the moment. With this in mind I set about looking at different options for things I could do during this half term holiday that are compliant with the lockdown laws, but also offer a change of pace and focus without a screen. I’ve come up with the following list of 40 things to do this week. I don’t think we’ll do them all! I did think though that you might like to take a look at it too, although full disclosure I absolutely expect there to be a film afternoon or two thrown in for good measure at some point during the week as well.

  • Bake fairy cakes or cookies
  • Make a pizza
  • Post a card or letter to someone
  • Have an indoor picnic
  • Make a wish jar
  • Make a time capsule
  • Learn about a new animal
  • Learn some words in a new language 
  • Go on a scavenger hunt outside
  • Make a zip line for a toy 
  • Read by torch light
  • Design bunting for your (their) bedroom 
  • Create a sports day (indoor or outside!)
  • Write a dream shopping list without any financial restraints
  • Learn a magic trick 
  • Make up a riddle 
  • Play ‘would you rather?’
  • Share a joke with someone in your family 
  • Make a mini playground with figures from with play doh
  • Plant something new
Planting something new
  • Make up a dance and teach it to the rest of the family
  • Try some yoga poses
  • Write a poem 
  • Freeze petals or leaves in water 
  • Play the penny challenge on a walk (heads for turning right, tails for turning left)
  • Create a playlist 
  • Make a dream catcher 
  • Find out more about your family tree 
  • Make frozen fruit ice lollies 
  • Learn 5 new things about a subject that interests you, from books or magazines
  • Make a collage for your wall
  • Play a memory game 
  • Make a musical instrument 
  • Draw a picture and make it into a jigsaw
  • Listen to new (to you) music 
  • Paint rocks 
  • Do a science experiment 
  • Have a paper aeroplane flying competition
  • Play floor is lava
  • Have an indoor camp
Fairy den

If you try any of these activities I’d love you to let me know in the comments below!

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