Half Term Holidays

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Mallard in stream

Back in March, with the Easter holidays cantering towards us at speed, I shared a few of the activities that I was hoping to undertake with my boys. I kept things calm and manageable as I wasn’t feeling very well at the time. I didn’t know then of course that would still be the case by the summer half term!

So, here we are, the final day of school before a week’s break which I for one am absolutely ready for. This time round not much has been planned to accommodate for my fatigue and chronic pain, but I do have a few ideas which I thought I’d share in case they might inspire any of you 😊

1. Garden
I am so grateful that we have a large garden now. Although the maintenance can be a struggle I recognise how lucky I am to have somewhere to throw us all out into with minimal energy required on my part. The garden is due a big overhaul, which starts in June, so next week we can get as muddy, squelchy, and dirty as we like without worrying too much about tidying it all back up again (sorry neighbours, but give it a month and it will look lovely, I promise!).

We also have a wildflower area in the garden which we started planning and planting back in March. It houses a bug hotel which is currently three storeys high so on our travels we will be looking for anything that we can use to create extra accommodation for the minibeasts there. In the same area we have a bird table, and I would like to add hanging feeders (especially for the blue tits who are nesting in our garden) so we will be on the lookout for inspiration next week.

Playing in the garden keeps the boys happy and helps me to manage my symptoms whilst they burn off their energy. Throw in a little trip to a local garden centre to look for extras and that will be one day catered for!

In the early stages of the bug hotel creation

2. Craft
My boys didn’t used to be terribly keen on crafting activities, but they seem to be growing into them. I pick up a selection of things as I see them. My top tip is to check out the reduced areas of supermarkets, or discount stores. Sand art, paint supplies, paper, various little craft kits can all be picked up for a fraction of the cost, and stored until the time is right.

3. Walking
My boys are now 6, 4 and 2, and are definitely at a stage when we can go walking together without the buggy. There are several short walks near to us, including little wanders through farmland and along the canal. A short walk can be extended with a café or pub stop, which helps me to refresh a little and keeps us all amused for longer!

Rain or shine we love walks!

4. Friends
There are so many people who we haven’t seen much of in chaos of the past 12 months. House moves, school starts, one thing and another and all of a sudden you realise that the months have slipped past. We can’t wait to catch up with them. Holidays are made for play dates!

So that’s our list for now, and I’m going to sign off for a week to catch up with myself, my family, my friends, and my books 😉

If you are having time off next week, whether it’s for half term or you’re just enjoying an extended bank holiday weekend, what will you be getting up to? Feel free to comment below or get in touch via email or social media.

Whatever you are up to next week, have a good one!