Happiness is…

A couple of years ago I was nominated on Facebook by a friend to take up a positivity challenge. For 5 days I was challenged to post my top 3 happy moments of the day. I remember day 1 being easy, it was a lovely day. My only difficulty was that so many good things happened it was hard to limit it to just 3. Then along came day 2. It was one of those calmly organised days when your children don’t get the memo and run havoc with your plans. Now, I consider myself to be a positive person who always looks for the silver lining but even I initially struggled. Then it hit me. In spending those few minutes at the end of the day reflecting and choosing my top 3 happy moments I realised that I was relaxing, smiling and laughing at the chaos that my young family had bestowed on the day. They didn’t need the memo. They were happy and had a lovely day and that was all that mattered to me. Perhaps more importantly, it helped me to view life differently. Sometimes things work out, and sometimes they don’t. But I can always learn (even if it’s just that Nutella eaten from the jar with a spoon is a pretty good alternative to regular chocolate), and I can always find ‘happy’. With that in mind the rest of the days were a doddle and I vowed to keep up the quiet period of reflection before sleep each night even though I wasn’t publishing the moments beyond the first 5 days.

I won’t say that I have been totally successful in remembering to do this everyday, but most nights I do go to sleep thinking of all the good times and the little wins of the day, and I thought that I would share some of these with you here.

Happiness is:

– Family walks through the woods;
– Visiting extended family;
– Creating treat hunts for our dog;
– Listening to new music and dancing with our children;
– Family singing in the car, mostly in different keys but somehow it works;
– Chatting at the end of the day and realising the things that have been important to our boys are often the small things that slip by without much of a glance from me or my husband;
– Seeing the world through a child’s eyes and remembering the wonder and excitement of our own childhood;
– Looking for bugs among piles of leaves in case they are inadvertently caught up in a game of kicking and stomping through said leaves;
– Standing in the rain;
– Jumping in puddles;
– Watching relationships grow between our young sons;
– Catching hail stones and watching them melt;
– Eating ice cream in the park;
– Swimming;
– Building sandcastles;
– Exploring new places and learning together;
– Staring at the stars;
– Recognising that some of them are planets and working out which ones they are;
– Taking an evening off to watch a good film with my lovely husband;
– Reading;
– Baking;
– Sewing;
– Writing;
– Taking photos;
– Gardening with our boys;
– Bird watching at bed time.

I hope that my children and I will continue to find ‘happy’ moments in every single day. What are yours?

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24th May 2017

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