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We have been talking in our household for what feels like aaaages about getting away on holiday with our boys. I’ve written about it on more than one occasion on my blog, musing over locations and reminiscing over trips I’ve already taken. As my social media followers will know, we have booked to go camping in Cornwall and Devon during the summer, but later in the year we are hoping to go further afield.

One reason for this is to take the boys on a plane. They are desperate to experience this, and quite honestly thumbing open my passport at border control feels like a real break to me too. Somewhere that both my mind and body are on holiday, to-do list left firmly pinned to the kitchen notice board and mobile ‘phone largely turned off. Whilst the destination has yet to be decided and will be mostly determined by a somewhat tight budget, I am already turning my attention to the organising stages.

Any of you who know me personally know that I love a to-do list. I am regularly to be found with a highlighter pen or two nearby, a post-it note pad is almost always in my bag and I love a little side of colour coding too…! So when it comes to thinking through what we will need for our adventure abroad I am in my element! Now, I would start with the following, but not really being an old hand at travelling anywhere with the children without our beast of a car I have asked some of my fellow bloggers for their ideas too.

1. A suitcase. Ok, I know that seems really obvious but a suitcase rather than a holdall is so much easier to organise things into and see everything at a glance. Ours has several small pockets too which massively appeals to my need for order! We only have one really decent one though so I may need to purchase a second…

2. Passports. Again, these seem obvious but mine runs out this summer and the boys don’t yet have them so these definitely need to be on the list to sort out. I don’t want to be rushing to the passport office in person at the eleventh hour.

3. Insurance. This used to be straight forward but with my CFS playing up big time I need to make sure that I find someone who will actually cover me to travel. These guys look good so they are top of my list to call.

4. Entertainment. I’m certain that the trusty iPad will emerge during our travels, but I am going to look into other options too. I love creating little travel packs for my boys and have heard of the idea of wrapping small gifts too to give them at regular intervals which seems lovely. I am most concerned about the flights, especially as our eldest never seems to sleep anywhere other than in a bed so I need to be prepared!

5. Portable potty. My boys are way past the potty training stage, but I confess that our portable potty still travels with us. You just never know when they might suddenly need to go and driving for miles in a foreign country looking for a public toilet with a child desperate for a wee is not my idea of fun!

Over to my fellow bloggers with their top tips…

Give them their own disposable camera, it’s always fun to see what they see!

Entertainment and snacks for the kids are necessities for making sure travel goes smoothly! Sticker books and a new toy always goes down a treat!

I have 3 water babies so always take spare goggles (as they are often expensive/ rubbish abroad) and putty ear plugs so that they can still swim if they get an ear infection! Simple things!

One of the things that we need to organise before our holidays is our dog’s holidays! We usually leave him with the lady who is a professional breeder but if she’s not available then we look into dog sitters and dog boarding kennels.

We usually let them take a few home comforts such as a teddy/blanket/pillow so they find it easy to sleep away from home.

I always take baby/toddler cutlery with me everywhere because so often I find the places we eat never have any!

Your house. When you return from your holiday with all your bags and washing etc, it’s awful to turn up to a messy house! Having a quick tidy up before you leave can make all the difference when you get back!

Emma: Https://
Sachets of Calpol and Ibuprofen and plasters in a freezer bag – so easy to pack as they are tiny and fit in a handbag/ beachbag. There’s nothing worse than needing essentials you have in abundance at home and having to go and find a pharmacy.

Check their clothes fit them, especially if it’s been a while since they wore their summer clothes and shoes, swimsuits, goggles and so on. Better to check in advance and buy anything you need than have to try to find it last minute or whilst away.

And Claire from Our Mummy Life kindly shared a post that she’s written on this subject with me:

Thank you to everyone who helped. I really am excited to be putting this list together and sorting out our first foreign family holiday!

What have I missed? What is on your to-do list to organise before you travel abroad? Let me know in the comments below!

Summer Holidays

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20th June 2018


We’re holidaying in Devon this summer too. When we go abroad we always pack the essentials like plasters, medicines etc. for travelling we have pens and paper and dvd players for the younger ones for the plane. worked a treat last time we flew #blogstravaganza

Oh cool! Hope you have fun in Devon 🙂 xx

I cannot wait for our first holiday abroad – we’re thinking in about two years time to go to Disneyland Paris together. These tips will definitely come in handy! #blogstravaganza

Oh that would be wonderful! What an experience for your little ones 🙂 x

I love the idea of giving kids their own disposable cameras and taking kids cutlery is a good idea too #blogstravaganza

Disposable camera options are being looked into…!

We always make sure to take something that smells of home for bedtime – a light blanket or something, a first aid kit. Mine are always running and falling over so plasters are a must! Have a great time! #Blogstravaganza

Oh something that smells of home would be good. We have taken bedding sets in the past but perhaps we can take pillow cases for a foreign trip. Thanks for the idea! xx

I’m sure the boys will love the plane! Portable potty is a great idea. We are getting towards the potty training time. Not looking forward to that!

A portable potty is a must for the toilet training stage! Makes things so much more flexible. And as you can tell it comes in handy even when potty training is years behind us!

I love this post! very useful. I will be pinning #Blogstravaganza

Yes sticker books and sachets of calpol. Antibacterial wipes and regular wipes of course. Love the disposal camera idea. Photocopies of travel documents just in case. #blogstravaganza

I am feeling quite relaxed about my packing list with all the extra ideas! Already looking forward to seeing what photos the boys take 🙂

Ok, I have never heard of “putty ear plugs” before. I have to look this up now because my 2 waterbabies are all about going “under the sea” these days. And I agree that you should clean house before you leave so you don’t have to do it when you get back and make sure those clothes fit the kiddos before you go! #Blogstravaganza

Oh yes, I’m all about coming home to a clean house! Ear plugs are a great idea aren’t they? I’m looking in to those now 🙂

I love the idea of giving them a disposable camera, it would be great to see the adventure through their eyes! I hope you have an amazing time fellow #Blogstravaganza host! xxx

Definitely! They are now on the list!! 🙂 xx

omg I love the disposable camera idea. I wish I had done that one xx

It’s super isn’t it? I’m going to get some in for our camping trip too 🙂 xx

I travel abroad a lot with my two girls, often on my own. So I have become a master of travelling light as I end up carrying it all at various points. I use a travel rucksack for me, as then I have two hands free to hold the kids hands in busy airports etc. The kids use Cabin Max Bear trolley rucksacks. They have a space for a teddy to be strapped to the front, plus wheels and a handle, so they can pull them along. They also have rucksack straps, which are handy if they’ve decided that they don’t want to pull them along.

I pack lots of flat toys e.g. magnetic play boards, fuzzy felts, sticker books, colouring books. We always take Dobble too, to play at restaurants when waiting for food. I’ve started selling ‘paint free’ Squidgydoodle craft boxes and mini craft kits, which you could take too as they include everything you need. They’re great for if it rains whilst you’re away and you’re stuck in the hotel/villa, or for taking to a restaurant.

The sachets of Calpol are a good recommendation. I once drove around New Zealand for 5 weeks with my daughter just before she turned 2 yrs old. She became poorly and nowhere sold Calpol!

Lollies for take off and landing, to help stop their ears from hurting. When they were little they drank milk from their bottles for take off/landing, but now they suck lollies. Not so great for the teeth, but they’re small and easy to buy abroad if you’ve run out for the way home!

I hope you have a great time and look forward to reading all about it. #blogstravaganza

These are great ideas, thank you so much! In fact although I tend to shy away from using large rucksacks when going away with the children I can see that these might be better for airport travels to keep my hands free. I’d forgotten all about Dobble too, love that game! Thanks again Debbie 🙂

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