Home Organisation for the Winter

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Embrace the Chaos?

As winter heads towards the Northern Hemisphere, our homes become sanctuaries of warmth and comfort. While we may envisage scenes of cosy fireplaces and steaming mugs of hot chocolate, there’s something else that can bring a sense of calm during the season – home organisation. Here I am sharing five ideas for dedicating time to decluttering and organising our living spaces, and why this might be beneficial.

The Science

Several studies have shown that there is a correlation between clutter in our homes and feelings of being overwhelmed. This time of year, in the run up to Christmas especially, we can already be subjected to feeling stressed. If a decluttered and organised home helps to achieve some calm, then it feels like a win.



Indoor Hibernation

The later weeks of the autumn and the winter tend to keep us all indoors more than other times of year. With fewer daylight hours and colder temperatures, we retreat to the comfort of our homes. Although decluttering may not jump to mind as a way to spend our time, this season does create the perfect opportunity for having a good clear out and reorganise ourselves. Not only will this bring a sense of calm when outdoors can seem chaotic, but it can make our homes feel even more inviting.

Bedroom organisation and storage

Fresh Start

The winter coincides with the sometimes dreaded New Year. Whilst there are plenty of people not keen on the celebrations and resolutions of 1st January, having an organised home can serve as a bit of a fresh start. When sorting through belongings, consider donating items you definitely don’t want, and find effective storage solutions for others. If storing things in a loft or cellar space, make sure that boxes are labelled well so it’s quick and easy to find them again.

Hygge Harmony

I’ve written about the Danish concept of “hygge” before. Put simply it embodies contentment found in life’s simple pleasures, and seems especially relevant during the winter when we batten down the hatches against the sometimes harsh weather. The peaceful scene of a warm space with soft blankets, flickering candles and mindfully arranged belongings is a great example of hygge.

Winter Cleaning

Spring-cleaning is a well-known tradition in the UK, but there’s something equally satisfying about winter cleaning. Tackling organisation projects during the colder months of the year can provide a sense of accomplishment that contrasts with the cold weather and your winter garden. It’s a productive way to spend time as well, when we might have fewer plans and be spending more hours indoors. In other parts of the world, winter cleaning is common place. For example, in Finland textiles that can’t be washed with water are often cleaned with snow instead. Many people take rugs, woven blankets and even linen clothes outside.

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Maximise Storage

I find that winter comes with its own set of seasonal items. Bulky coats, thicker duvets, scarves, hats and of course Christmas or holiday decorations. If you organise your home well, you can arrange places for your seasonal storage. I spoke to Matt from Midlands based self-storage company, Storage Works, and he suggested that large bulky items such as seasonal sports equipment, might be well placed in secure external storage solutions. For clothing though, you might chose to have designated spaces in a loft, cellar or cupboard to enable things to be found quickly and put away carefully with each season. Clearly labelled boxes are a must for this!

Home organisation in the hallway

I hope that the above is useful. I am going to invest in more storage boxes for our loft this year, and put up more shelves to organise my books. Please feel free to keep me accountable to that!