Hopping Hare Candles

I met these lovely ladies at a craft fair in Leamington Spa earlier this month, and quickly snapped up one of their ‘Relaxing’ candles.

Hopping Hare Candle

Hand blended with essential oils, they were so knowledgeable about how each candle works to create different moods. Of course, being hand made they can tell you exactly what has gone in too!

The ‘Relaxing’ candle is mostly scented with lavender, and has the most gorgeous, gentle aroma when lit. It floated throughout our home and, as promised, had a calming effect on our boisterous young family!

Hopping Hare relaxing candle

I happily recommend these candles. There is nothing manufactured about the scent, and whilst gentle the small candle that I purchased and placed in our hall filled the hall, staircase and landing with a subtle and calming hint of lavender.

You can find out more about the candles here.

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8th November 2017

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