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Hopster on the iPad

Combining TV shows, games, books and more in a child friendly, ad free app, Hopster has been a huge hit in our household. Using one subscription* we have downloaded it onto multiple devices – our phones, iPads and our Amazon Fire Sticks**.

Hopster tv

The app is aimed at pre-schoolers, although all of our boys (aged 7, 5 and 2) are enjoying it. It’s great fun and hugely engaging with bright, simple graphics, easy to follow menus and large touch screen buttons. The simple navigation means that even our youngest son can enjoy it with ease and have a sense of independence as he chooses a feature. Meanwhile we can sit back and watch him without the worry that an advert or in-app purchase might pop up and spoil his fun.

Our youngest has been poorly for the past couple of days, so we have taken advantage of our time at home to thoroughly explore the app together. We have played games, listened to stories and watched television shows. Each activity has been led by him rather than by me, and he has quickly learnt to navigate himself around the different options. He loves the selection of television shows and is delighted with the amount of nursery rhymes which he has been singing (croaking) and dancing (bopping) along to.

Hopster on the iPad

As a parent I am very impressed with this app. You can create your own downloads area to watch shows on the move, without any concerns that inappropriate content might suddenly pop up. We have had fun creating pictures and playing the games. The idea of having it all on one easy to use app is brilliant too. If one show or game doesn’t suit, there’s another one immediately available.

The television show section has over 1,000 episodes of familiar programmes like Postman Pat, Thomas the Tank Engine and Fireman Sam. It also has longer features such as ‘Room on the Broom’ which is delightful.

Hopster programmes

The games section has something for everyone too. Numbers, letters, colours and more. As a parent I’m very pleased to see that they are presented in a gentle and entertaining manner, with no pressure to follow a particular pattern. I’m hugely passionate about child led learning, and many apps I have seen don’t accommodate this. Hopster, however, does.

The fun doesn’t stop there. With favourite books being on the story menu, a creative area with ‘painting’ and a photo booth, a music section and spooky stories there is so much to choose from.

Hopster games

The lack of adverts and in-app pop-up purchases is both a welcome feature and, quite honestly, a relief.

Subscriptions to Hopster are just £3.99 a month, with an initial 7 days free, and you can cancel at any time. Visit their website (here) for more information.

I would highly recommend this app for any young family. I don’t think I have seen better.

Hopster on the television

*We were gifted an annual subscription for Hopster in return for an honest review. For more information, please see my disclosure page.
** There are limited features on the Amazon Fire Stick.



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