Illuminate Your Selfies: The Power of The Selfie Bag

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Selfie bag

*please note that this product was gifted in return for an honest review.

We seem to be living in an era where capturing the perfect selfie is almost an art form. Long before filters are applied, the right equipment can make all the difference. Gone are the days when a simple snap sufficed; now, it’s all about angles, lighting, and presentation. Fortunately, the rise of selfie equipment, including selfie lights and selfie sticks, has revolutionized how we take photos with our mobile phones. The Cotton Bag Co. has designed this fantastic selfie bag which offers all the tools you need within a snazzy cotton, zipped tote bag.

Selfie bag selfie stick

Before diving into the benefits of integrating these tools into your selfie game, let’s take a look at the bag itself.

The Selfie Bag

Made from good quality canvas, this tote has great artwork which really catches the eye (pun not intended!). There is a main zip across the top of the bag which makes me feel that items inside are secure when walking out and about with it. Impressively, there are two smaller pockets inside the bag as well. One could happily accommodate a mobile phone whilst the other may be good for keys, a notebook and pen or any other small items that you may choose to take out with you.

The accessories that come with the selfie bag are good quality as well. Inside you will find a light reflector that folds up into its own canvas bag, a selfie stick and a ring light which has three different brightness settings. I found the selfie stick a little bit tricky to get my phone into, but after a small adjustment it worked well (side note confession: my teenager did help with this). The reflector was excellent and works really well to give a more natural glow in a photo. It doesn’t have to be reserved for a selfie of course, you could use it to shine some additional light onto any subject. The ring light was great as well and made a noticeable difference. I was worried that it might be a bit too harsh but it nicely dispersed the light onto faces.

Ring light grid

The biggest pro is that all this comes together in a handy bag which has plenty of space for other everyday items such as a wallet or book as well. You can even fit a reusable water bottle in if you’d like to.

Using the selfie tools

The Selfie Ring Light
Selfie bag ring light

One of the most significant challenges in taking a great selfie is finding the perfect lighting. Natural light is ideal, but it’s not always available. Selfie lights solve this problem by providing a good source of illumination. This LED ring light can be attached to your phone or held separately to brighten your face evenly, eliminating shadows and ensuring you look radiant in every shot. Whether you’re indoors, outdoors, or in low-light conditions, it will give you the perfect lighting.

The Selfie Stick

Selfie bag selfie stick and remote button

Bluetooth enabled, the selfie stick included in the Cotton Bag Co.’s Selfie Bag helps to capture a selfie beyond arm’s length. This gives you greater freedom to experiment with different angles and perspectives. Whether you want a close-up shot or a wide-angle view, a selfie stick helps you capture the perfect angle every time. It includes a remote shutter button which allows you to take photos with a quick click, giving you more freedom to pose and interact with your surroundings. This is great for group shots too!

Pop up reflector
Selfie bag reflector

Playing with reflections of light is another one of the cool tools included in this selfie bag. An easy fold pop-up light reflector comes in its own circular bag which is attached inside the tote with a rounded carabiner clip. This particular reflector has a metallic silver side which throws light onto your subject in a subtle manner. By strategically positioning the reflector opposite a light source, you can manipulate and enhance the lighting in your selfies or even photos of plants, flowers or any other photo subject matter. More generally, reflectors can soften harsh shadows, fill in unflattering shadows, and even add a subtle glow to your complexion. With their versatility and effectiveness, pop-up light reflectors are a must-have accessory for anyone serious about playful photographic creativity.

In conclusion

Yes, I was gifted this Selfie Bag from the Cotton Bag Co. but as always my thoughts are honest! I think that this is a great kit for a budding or experimental photographer, and would be equally fun to take on a day trip or when spending a longer time travelling. The tools within the bag are good quality and each have a place in enhancing your selfie game. Being honest, I didn’t expect too much from the quality of the bag or its contents but I was pleasantly surprised. I would happily gift one as a present knowing that it is well presented and a thoughtful package of equipment beautifully presented in a stylishly playful bag.

Selfie bag paper bag

As a final note, the Cotton Bag Co has a full variety of bags and included in my pack by way of example was one of their sturdy paper bags. Worth taking a look at too.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this review, as always I welcome comments in the box below 😊

2 Comments on “Illuminate Your Selfies: The Power of The Selfie Bag”

  1. This does look good for all sorts of mobile photography. The cameras are so good these days that it’s worth investing in some kit to go with them. I feel I need one of these in my life! Thanks for reviewing.

    1. Thanks! Yes, it’s decent quality kit and very easy to use too. Really nice touch to put it all together in a bag.

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