Jobs for your spring clean list

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Window sill with flowers that has had a spring clean

When the summer arrives we often want to spend time outside enjoying the sunshine, which is why now is the perfect time for a quick spring clean in your home. Many cleaning jobs needs doing at least once a week, if not more often. There are some though that might get left off the list and are worth focusing on this spring.

Plugs and drains

These can become blocked with hair, fluff and even gunk from soap. As we can’t see the dirt though, they often slip off the list of regular cleaning jobs. It can take time to move around your house cleaning them one by one, especially as most drain cleaners need to sit for a good few hours, so it’s worth putting them on some sort of rota across a week to thoroughly clean them. Some benefits are immediately obvious, like fast draining water. Adding your drains to your spring clean list can have other benefits too. These include removing odours, making water drainage quieter, and even in the long run saving you hefty plumbers’ fees.

Shower head

Whilst in the vicinity of the bathroom, take a look at your shower head. If you live in a hard water area there’s a chance that it is slowly becoming clogged with limescale. Good news is that it’s pretty easy to remove! Find a bag with no holes in it and part fill with white vinegar. Submerge your shower head in it, tying an elastic band tightly around it to keep the bag in place, and leave for 30 minutes. Take it out and, voila! Water should power through it as if it were brand new.


Over the winter we tend to keep windows closed, which can lead to a build up of condensation and mould. The best idea to reduce mould is to open your windows wide for around 15 minutes every morning. This may not stop it entirely though, so it is another job to add to that spring clean list. There are some really good products on the market which will help to eliminate mould from windows. Alternatively, a good scrub with dish soap or a wipe down with antibacterial spray and kitchen towel can do the job well too. A deep clean now, and keeping windows open when you are at home during the summer, can help to keep dirt in check for a few months. Just make sure you keep an eye on those trims and seals staying dry.


The winter months can bring a level of dust and dirt into your home and onto your floors like no other time of year. Hard floors are easy to keep clean with a mop or cloth, but carpets can absorb the dirt right into their fabric. Now is the time to move your furniture and put your vacuum cleaner on max to drag out as much as possible. For your stairs, lightly wet a squeegee (the kind that you might use on a window) and drag it across each step. This really helps to lift fluff and hair and is especially important if, like us, you share your home with dogs, cats and other furry creatures.

Oven hood extractor

It becomes quickly obvious when your oven or hob need a clean, and there are lots of products to get them sparkling again in next to no time. My favourite has to be an oven liner that my Mum gifted me a few years ago and is still going strong. It makes such a difference to keeping on top of cleaning the oven! That said, the extractor hood can easily be overlooked.

Depending on what you’re cooking (and how often you might fry food) these can quickly build up grease. The best way to clean them is to carefully remove the filters and leave them to soak for 15 minutes in hot water with dish soap and a tiny amount of baking soda, then give them a scrub. Ideally you should do this every 6 months, but adding it to your spring clean checklist will at least make sure it gets annual attention!

Clean your washing machine drawer

Cleaning the drum of your washing machine is easy. Put it on a quick warm cycle with a small amount of detergent but no clothing on a regular basis and you will notice a difference. Your drawers take a little more time though so are ideal jobs to add to your spring clean. Take as much of each drawer out as you can (you might find that some pieces slot together so can be carefully taken apart). Wash them through in clean water in your sink with a little soap, and use a soft small brush such as a toothbrush to help get into the corners. Dry with a soft cloth and reassemble, then you are good to go!

De-speck your tech

With so many of us working from home, our technology will be used more than ever, but is it on your spring clean list? Carefully dusting your devices is important, as is cleaning them. I put a little disinfectant on a piece of kitchen towel or soft cloth and wipe them down. Keyboards, games controllers and tablets are my particular area of focus as they are shared between us.

Dust and repot plants

Whether artificial or real, plants benefit from a dust. I have some lovely memories of carefully dusting off my grandmother’s house plants, and now I take time to do my own a few times a year. Like in our garden, the spring sees indoor plants starting to grow again too, so your spring clean can be a great opportunity to ensure that they are all in the right size pot. This is especially important for plants that like to provide you with offspring on a regular basis, such as aloe vera, spider plants and monstera.

Monstera plant on spring clean list

As always, I hope that you have found this useful. Time to go and welcome the spring into your home!

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