Let There Be Light

I was delighted to learn recently about a bloggers’ photography competition hosted by Urban Cottage Industries. Photography has long been an interest of mine. Seeing the same photo from different angles, hearing the views of others and what captures their attention. It’s so refreshing.

‘Let There Be Light’ is a competition open to bloggers who would like to showcase two of their best photographs. There is one main condition of entry – one photo must be taken in natural light, and the other must rely upon the use of artificial light.

Putting these photographs of mine up against other bloggers of course means that they are competing against a tough crowd but also a very interesting one. I am very much looking forward to seeing other people’s photographs, and hope that you enjoy mine.

My competition entries:

Sunflowers on a farmSunflowers on a farm, taken on a beautifully bright summer’s day.

University Square, Coventry, at duskDusk in Coventry. As the natural light fades, University Square is lit up by the surrounding buildings. Looking out from the dark shadows by Coventry Cathedral into the square you are also looking towards the light. I really like this view.


For more information about Urban Cottage Industries, please visit their website here.

10th January 2018

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