Jacob with Chief
Catering For Your Crew

I used to say that the one thing that new parents or parents-to-be really don’t need is unsolicited advice or long lists of must have paraphernalia. It can run very…

Lesson Three Y2 with Matr
Maths with Matr

Extracurricular tutoring and learning opportunities have long been available both face to face and more recently online.  Despite this I have never considered web based one to one tuition for…

Mystery Blogger Award
Mystery Blogger Award

Back in September the lovely Mrs A from Hooks and Dragons nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award – thank you Tracey! As regular readers will know, I’ve been nominated…

Buckley London
Buckley London

Buckley London offer high street fashion jewellery through their online shop. Established in 1989 they are known for selling products for any occasion. For the purposes of my 2018 Christmas…

Coin savings chart
Coin Reward Charts

I’m a big fan of reward charts and, more importantly, so are my boys. Over the summer they actively made themselves reward charts with a huge amount of joy! This…

Noel Robin - Crafty Kestrel
Crafty Kestrel

Established this year, Crafty Kestrel is run by the lovely Kerry. Based in Warwickshire Kerry has also authored two books, A Year in Woolly Wonders and A Woollyful Christmas. She has turned her hobby into her business and has…

Emma Lord Photo bag
Emma Lord Photography

Emma Lord Photography has featured on my blog a few times before. I love her work and the way she approaches each photography session with ease and professionalism, making it so calm….

Estarer laptop bag
Estarer Bag

Writing my blog, or indeed when I sometimes foray into writing fictional work, I like to be able to carry my laptop around with me, along with various accessories, pens…

GreaterSkies Christmas

I was introduced to GreaterSkies earlier this year and I haven’t stopped looking at my beautiful print since. The quality is stunning and to be able to have a snapshot of the stars over a particular…

Hopping Hare Candle Christmas
Hopping Hare Candles

If you read my blog regularly or follow me on social media you may have guessed that I am completely taken with these candles! They just had to have a…

Micro Trike foot
Micro Trike

We have had the pleasure of trying out the Micro Trike this year. Different from other trikes aimed at the toddler or pre-schooler age in that it doesn’t have pedals…

Panda Post Christmas
Panda Post

I wrote about Panda Post earlier this year and the adventures of Panda have really supported Munch and increased his interest in reading. As a child I used to keep an ear out for…

Posterlounge wall art

You may recall that I wrote about Posterlounge earlier in the year. My love for this company has not diminished since then. The quality of the world map that we…

Sparks and Daughters apron
Sparks and Daughters

Sparks and Daughters are a mother and daughter business who have been running for over ten years. Specialising in personalised gifts, there is something for everyone on their website. For…

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