Lockdown with the National Marine Aquarium

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Octopus - National Marine Aquarium

Positioned next to Sutton Harbour in Plymouth, the National Marine Aquarium is a fascinating place to visit. It is not only the largest aquarium in the UK, but it is run by the Ocean Conservation Trust with money going towards their Ocean Conservation initiatives. There are over 4000 creatures large and small housed at the aquarium, which takes you on a superb tour of our blue planet.

We have had the good fortune to visit the National Marine Aquarium twice in recent years, and have been impressed with the size of where the animals are kept, along with the expert knowledge of staff.

Sadly, at the time of writing this post, the aquarium along with several other venues across the globe, is closed to visitors. However, that does not curtail your opportunity to learn more and get involved! The National Marine Aquarium is running some great and creative activities for all the family to enjoy. Both relaxing AND educational, not to mention fun, I’ve listed some of the content below that is coming up in the next few weeks.

It is all easily accessed through their social media, details below, where you can also find videos from their live feeding sessions too which my boys have loved watching. The staff are fantastic at explaining more about the creatures, showing what they are doing, taking you behind the scenes and, if you watch live, answering your questions as well.

https://www.facebook.com/NationalMarineAquarium/ and https://twitter.com/NMAPlymouth

The activities coming up that may be of particular interest are:

  • Tuesday 21st April – Toddler Crafts – Anemone Hat
    • You will need: Sheet of card, stapler (or glue stick), scissors
  • Wednesday 22nd April – Moon Pool Feeding
  • Tuesday 28th April – Toddler Crafts – Limpet Hat
    • You will need: Pen, scissors, stapler (or glue stick), sheet of card
  • Wednesday 29th April – Meet the Divers before a dive
  • Tuesday 5th May – Crab Finger Puppet
    • Glue stick, pen, scissors, cotton bud, egg box, card
  • Wednesday 6th May – Biozone front of house tour
  • Tuesday 12th May – Whale Finger Model
    • You will need: Glue stick, different colour card, eggbox, scissors
  • Wednesday 13th May – Marine Biologist Q & A
  • Wednesday 20th  May – Turtle Enrichment Time
  • Wednesday 27th May – Behind the Scenes Tour
Fish crafts NMA
Image supplied by the NMA
More fishy craft fun NMA
Image supplied by the NMA

For more fishy fun, don’t miss their wonderful ‘Aquarium Relax’ video which is released every Saturday. It’s a great opportunity to chill out and watch the animals, and is perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly very relaxing!

Which is your favourite sea creature? I’m not sure that we can quite agree in our household, although we love finding out about the cheeky and intelligent nature of the octopus!

N.B. All images have been supplied by the National Marine Aquarium. Please do not reuse these without permission.

I was contacted about the craft activities taking place, but I have not received anything in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own, and are based on knowledge of previous visits (paid for by ourselves) and watching the live feeding sessions on the NMA Facebook page. For more information about how I work with others, please take a look at my disclosure page.