Man’s First Words – A Review

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Mans First Words cover

About the book:

“In a world where words do not exist, a small boy has a big idea.

Follow his journey as he teaches his family their first few words.

From these small beginnings, with the help of a sabre-toothed tiger, he sets off to change the world!”

This beautiful tale of a small boy with a big idea will capture your child’s imagination with a sense of excitement and wonder. In a world where words do not exist, the story of a man’s first words illustrates the invention of talking and the boy’s journey will entice both parents and children alike.

Written for younger children (0-5yrs).

What did I think?

Man’s First Words is a lovely picture book, perfectly aimed at 0-5 year olds although I am certain that older children would enjoy the sentiment of it too. The pictures are subtle but work well with the text, and allow the reader’s mind to fill in some of their own detail.

Written based on the observation of his own son, Marvin Sexton has created a story that will strike a chord with any adult who has witnessed the development of language in a child. Those early sounds which perhaps don’t make much sense to an adult ear, but are so very meaningful to the child, are carefully wrapped into this sweet narrative.

The story follows a young boy, who calls himself Rar. He wants more from life and finds it through building his own style of communication, with his very first words. He encourages his family to get involved as well, then sets his sights on spreading his idea even further.

I read Man’s First Words with my six year old and he really enjoyed it, especially the ending. He liked looking at the illustrations and guessing what might happen next. When we had finished, it gave rise to a lovely conversation about first words, how they differ from person to person, and what his were.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has young children. It would make a thoughtful gift for family and friends with young children too, especially those who are starting to discover the joy of language.

Where can you buy a copy?



Beercote Books

About the author:

Marvin Sexton

Away from the stresses of everyday life, Marvin Sexton relishes the opportunity to put pen to paper and create imaginative worlds to share with his children. Together they enjoy getting lost in the magic of literature and begin to make links between the stories and real life. Inspired by the rhyming books of Julia Donaldson, among others, Marvin enjoys manipulating his stories to flow rhythmically and create vivid imagery in the reader’s mind.

About Beercott Books:

Beercott books is an independent publisher of quality books by passionate authors. They have a range of genres from children’s picture books through to plays for performance, focusing predominantly on new British authors.

N.B. I was gifted a copy of Man’s First Words in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure page.