Me And My Amazfit Bip

Me and My Amazfit Bip

Fitness trackers have been around a long time. There are the all singing all dancing contraptions, various exercise specific ones, the apps that you can get on your phone and even simple pedometers that will give you an idea of your activity levels during the day. I have tried a few in the past. The apps are great but don’t meet all of my requirements, the pedometers have never worked for me, and my trusty running watch was super for running but not much more. So I gave up wearing them and went back to guessing and wondering and ignoring.

Slowly over time the idea of wanting to track my fitness levels and overall health still niggled at me though, so earlier this year I sat down and made myself a spidergram of all the things that were important to me in a wearable fitness device. There are so many options but a few of the boxes that it absolutely had to tick were reliable step count data, sleep information, and my heart rate. Plus I wanted it to double up as a watch. And if I could get away with something low budget then of course that would be even better.

I set off to peruse the internet and talk to others about devices that they wear and their honest thoughts about them. I quickly came to understand how large the range of options are! After some time, a lot of hunting and reading of reviews I settled on the Amazfit Bip. I wasn’t confident and my husband (chief gadget geek in our household) was entirely sceptical. The price point for starters seemed too good to be true. Coming in at the £45 mark (correct at time of purchase) I felt that there must be something that I was missing. It looked fantastic though and I realised that the only way to be sure was to buy one and hope that it would be as good as it sounded.

I made my purchase in July so I have had a lot of time to try my Amazfit Bip out, and now feel ready to share my thoughts on it with you.

Amazfit Bip

The Good

The design is lightweight and easy to wear. There have been times when I’ve forgotten I have it on and it’s certainly no barrier to getting a good night’s sleep.

The display is clear and easy to see. There’s a backlight for using in low light conditions.

The heart rate monitor seems fairly accurate. I can only go by monitoring it against the old school pulse and watch combo, but it adds up.

The step counter is great. It starts counting from 10 steps to aid accuracy which is handy. Doing the housework or showering rarely count as very many steps unlike some trackers I’d heard of. It doesn’t always count well when I’m pushing the buggy or a shopping trolley though (it misses several steps), but I’ve heard that’s a problem with other brands too and unless you need absolute proof of your daily steps I’ve found that it’s easy enough to take that into consideration when looking across your activity levels.

It buzzes you when you have been still for an hour to remind you to get moving. This could be annoying, although I quite like this feature.

It’s waterproof so you don’t have to take it off when swimming, for example. I know that some other brands with similar technology fail in the water but so far mine is keeping its promise.

The battery lasts ages. At the time of writing I’ve only had to charge it once since I initially set it up!

The range of options is good (although not perfect – see below). It’s a nice touch to have weather data and a compass incorporated into the main watch features.

If it’s in range of your mobile phone you can set it up to receive text messages, WhatsApp, and emails. I haven’t enabled that function but it looks pretty straightforward.

The price point is amazing. I haven’t seen another tracker that packs so much in without breaking the £100 barrier. It really feels as though you are getting a very good mid-range piece of kit at a low range cost.

Amazfit Bip weather

The Bad

Although the watch is waterproof, swimming isn’t one of the included activities that it tracks. It would be really nice if that was an option.

It doesn’t export your data so you have to rely on the associated app. I have the Mi Fit which is fine although very limited in what you can see and do and really focus in on. Fortunately I bought the watch to give me an overview of my activity levels and health so for me this isn’t a problem, but to some I can imagine it would be quite irritating to some who might want more detailed info.

The sleep function counts you as being asleep the whole time that you are in bed, so those 5 am being jumped on wake up calls from the children are recorded as light sleep. You have to get up to kick it into realising that you’re awake. This is slightly annoying when you are looking at the quality of your sleep, but fine if again all you’re really after is a summary.

If style is your thing then this watch might feel a bit clunky. You can change the strap easily but the face is large. I like the retro feel of it but suspect that many wouldn’t. It would be nice to see a wider range of colour options to suit more people too.

In A Nutshell

Would I recommend? Yes. I love this device. It helps to keep me on track and monitor my activity levels and gives me a very good overview which is exactly what I was looking for.


I hope that gives you some insight into this Amazfit fitness tracker. To be clear, I purchased this myself, but overall I have been so impressed that I had to share the love!

Amazfit Bip review by Cup of Toast

Do you have a wearable fitness device? What’s your favourite feature of it?



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11th October 2018


It sounds good. I remember having a fit bit a few years ago (when I could walk) and I was training for a charity run. I loved keeping track of everything. I really wouldn’t have thought I’d needed one now but this sounds like something I could do with. A permanent pulse monitor sounds good as I’m currently using a phone app. for that, and I like the idea of being buzzed when immobile for long periods. I know I don’t move often enough, and although I can’t move much, it would really be to my advantage if I did. I’m going to put this on my Christmas list (or even birthday as that comes first!) I don’t know about step counting though, but it would be nice to improve that with a bit of motivation. Thanks for a great review.

You’re very welcome – thank you for your comment! The step counter can be set to your target. For example with my condition I know if I was doing 16,000 steps a day I would make myself poorly, but 8,000 seems achievable whilst still a bit of a challenge. It is definitely a watch that can work with your preferences and one that can be ignored if you have a day where all you might want to know is what time it is 😉

I don’t have any kind of fitness tracker and had never really fancied having one to be honest. I’ve been starting to see the attraction recently though, and this looks like it would be perfect for a tracker novice (and a great price too!). #blogstravaganza

It’s a great watch and although I don’t monitor it closely every day it’s interesting to understand a little more about how active I really am!

I track my steps etc and I can add in my food on my app so it tells me if I’m OK with calories etc, that is when I can be bothered to do it that is. The sleep feature is something I dislike because they confirm what I already know – I do not get enough sleep! #Blogstravaganza

When I was packing for holiday I had a really late night followed by a very early morning. The app did ‘kindly’ point out that a lack of sleep may lead to premature ageing… lol! Xx

I think I need one of these in my life – I’m active enough (I think!) but it’s good to put a measurement to it and know how well (or not!) I’m doing x #Blogstravaganza

It has been interesting to see how much I move and also look at the quality of my sleep x

Very interesting, thank you for sharing. I have an Apple Watch (a present from my husband a few years ago). The battery does run down very quickly, which is a pain. I like the functionality though, and the links to my ‘phone are useful. I’ll certainly keep this one in mind though as it’s a great price, and that time without charging is phenomenal!! x

I’ve been really impressed with the battery. I haven’t linked up text alerts etc so I don’t know if that would run it down more quickly. The manufacturers say it should last 45 days though so hopefully wouldn’t have too much of a negative impact. xx

Never heard of this band but sounds a great activity device X #Blogstravaganza

I really like it. The associated app is basic but it tells me what I’m interested to know!

I just think it’s one more thing I’d be checking all the time #Blogstravaganza

That’s exactly why I haven’t linked up my phone so I don’t get text alerts and so on 😉

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