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Micro Trike foot

Micro Trike foot

We have had the pleasure of trying out the Micro Trike this year. Different from other trikes aimed at the toddler or pre-schooler age in that it doesn’t have pedals for use by the child I wasn’t sure how my three year old would take to it.

Micro Trike handle

The Micro Trike is principally aimed at helping toddlers transition between using a stroller to walking. The Loud One started walking over two years ago so is extremely confident on his feet, but this trike has still come in handy for longer walks or when the older boys have been using pedal bikes and we need to keep up! It folds up with ease and is small enough to fit in the overhead locker on an aeroplane (unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to test that for myself yet but have seen photos from others who have). It tucks easily out of the way when not in use and would fit in the boot of a small car.

One thing that I love it for is the school run. When The Loud One’s legs are ready for the walk I can carry the trike easily. It weighs in at approximately 4.9lbs which is a great deal less than a tired pre-schooler who can then hop on it when the energy in his legs starts to wane. It’s also comfortable to carry as it folds up small and flat so tucks under an arm.

The Loud One loves it too, proudly wanting to show people his blue trike. He says that he finds it comfortable and easy to sit on and rest his feet, which is more important than my opinion! He takes great delight in how shiny it is and always looks so happy when he’s on it.

Micro Trike holding on

Designed so it can be pushed with one hand the parent steering pole is extendable and I find the trike easy to manoeuvre even with the added weight of a three year old. It is lightweight but stable, although care has to be taken bumping on or off kerbs. I do insist that my little one wears a helmet as a precaution, but he feels perfectly safe.

The Micro Trike is available in a few colour choices and I think it would make a super gift to a little one. We think it’s wonderful! 


N.B. We were gifted the Micro Trike but all opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure page for more information.