Mid-week socialising? Meet School Night Gin.

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School night gin front of bottle

The summer is here and this year with it, after a period of enforced abstinence, comes opportunity for social occasions. Like many others, I enjoy doing this not just at the weekend, but also sometimes during the week. Catching up with good friends over a glass of cool iced tonic with a splash of gin in my hand is just the thing to set the mood for light conversation and much longed for catch ups.

On a school night, though, it’s not always so easy to have an alcoholic drink, with the responsibilities of the morning never far from my mind. If you’re anything like me one full strength gin and tonic is about all that I can handle! Now, I drink responsibly, but I was intrigued and I have to say rather excited when NB Distillery reached out and asked if I would like to try their special addition ‘School Night’ gin.

Resting at 21% ABV School Night is around 50% of the alcohol content of a standard London dry gin, but it retains a little bit of a kick.

School night gin reverse of bottle

I set about mixing mine with a heap of ice, a splash of light tonic water, and a pop of lime and cucumber. The drink as a whole was very refreshing and didn’t taste as though it had a low alcohol content. The gin itself had an elegant hint of citrus which perfectly matched the lime and cucumber that I’d chosen to garnish it with. I would happily receive this drink as a guest, or feel confident in offering School Night to my friends knowing that the taste is so good.

Presented in a Frugalpac (which is 94% recycled paperboard) School Night ticks a big box for sustainability too. The environmentally conscious packaging sticks closely to my own eco friendly principles, but also runs to the heart of the purpose built NB distillery.

The distillery itself sits on the outskirts of North Berwick, East Lothian. The business started out in the kitchen of owners Steve and Viv Muir. Having perfected their recipe they moved to a separate unit with a still made to their specifications so that they could precisely replicate their gin.

This dedication shines through not only in the quality of their gin, but also in their customer service. It is very much a small business with a big heart and fantastic product!

School night gin in hand

I would highly recommend the School Night gin for any fellow gin enthusiasts. Please remember as always to be drink aware and take responsibility for your alcohol consumption.

N.B. I was kindly gifted this gin in exchange for my honest review. For more information, please see my disclosure page.