Mindful Makers in Trying Times


Mindful Makers Box

“The Mindful Makers Box is a monthly box of mindfulness designed to facilitate you in making connections to Nature, Art & Crafts and more importantly to yourself!”

During lockdown, who doesn’t need a little self-care and a reminder to take some time out? I came across Nature Makers and their Mindful Makers Box courtesy of a friend, and they reached out and asked if I would like to review one of their boxes.

Nature is my way of relaxing and reconnecting with priorities in life. It has been absolutely essential to me over the past 12 months. I can’t get out as often as I might like to (courtesy of painful ankles and other chronic ailments) but even if it’s just to sit in the garden I do try to take deep gulps of semi-rural air every day.

I have posted on my Instagram grid previously about shinrin yoku, or forest bathing. The idea of taking time to not only reconnect but also quiet the mind among the harmony of trees has never been more important. When I heard that the Mindful Makers Box had a similar outlook I was delighted to take a closer look.

Forest bathing

The box arrived quickly, and importantly for anyone not wishing to be disturbed mid-meeting, or not working from home, it did fit through the letterbox. The pleasant and somehow familiar smell of the contents seeped out before I had fully opened it.

I wasn’t sure what I would expect to find inside, but I was pleased to see that there was a leaflet with suggestions of how to use the contents. A good couple of hours was planned out for me, from planting seeds, to feeding the birds, mindful colouring to sipping herbal tea. Not to mention the incense sticks that came with a portion of clay from which you could craft a base, and created that wistful aroma that reminded me of my youth.

Mindful colouring

I could see that this box would occupy me in the most delightful way, and had treats not only for myself but also for the feathered friends that visit our garden and nearby woodland which was a really nice touch.

I enjoyed working my way through it and showing the contents to the boys too, in the hope that they will slowly but surely connect their love of nature with being a good way to unwind and relax. I shall enjoy watching the seeds flourish and hope to grow some jalapeños that I can add to my cooking later on in the year!

While enjoying the activities, I took the opportunity to get to know a little more about Faye, creator of the boxes, and the inspiration behind Nature Makers and the Mindful Makers Box.

Nature Makers Mindful Makers Box

Hi Faye, welcome to Cup of Toast! Thank you very much for gifting me a Mindful Makers Box to review. When did you launch and what was your inspiration?

We only just launched in February! We actually provide classes for children, families and adults that are all about education and mindfulness in nature through Art & Craft. Due to the pandemic our classes have had to stop, but we felt now more than ever mums and dads in particular would really benefit from a box like this. 

What will the boxes typically include?

Each box contains a different mindful nature activity designed to get you outside and embracing the calmness of nature. It also includes a different mindful colouring activity and a hands on mindful Art & Craft to try. This month we made our own incense burners using clay and were able to relax afterwards with beautifully smelling incense. The box also gives horticultural therapy through seed planting and the opportunity to relax with specially selected herbal tea. The box is designed to encourage mindfulness and relaxation; it is not ‘just another craft box’.

What are your plans for The Mindful Makers Box?

We are looking to gain feedback from this first box and make adaptions where needed. It is currently only offered on a one off monthly purchase as I am due to give birth in April and don’t want to over commit. The March box is available to pre-order on the website now though, and during the summer if the interest is still high then we will look to make it a monthly subscription box alongside returning to classes, if the rules allow.

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

We also have an online shop selling children’s books, toys and art supplies that fit in with our class values of being sustainable and vegan.

Thank you Faye!

Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more, including purchasing details, please see the links below:

Mindful Makers box: https://www.nature-makers.co.uk/the-mindful-makers-box

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/naturemakers/

And for a time limited discount, use the code below!

Mindful Makers discount code

N.B. I was gifted a Nature Makers box in exchange for my honest opinion. As always, all thoughts are my own and you can find out more on my disclosure page. For now though, I’m off to sip some tea…

Herbal Tea in the Mindful Makers Box