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The positive effects of practicing mindfulness have been widely documented. One thing that they are said to help with is reducing the stress that long term ill health can bring on. Having had a tricky year with my health, I was delighted to be gifted a set of cards from my friends for my birthday this year.

Mindfulness Gift feet card

I didn’t start using the cards immediately. I felt that I needed to be in a place where they didn’t become an extra tick on my to-do list. When I did get them out though, I realised how wrong I was that using these cards might have ever felt that way.

From taking a moment out to focus on a simple daily activity like brushing your teeth, to spending time in nature, these cards are fantastic. They remind you to take time out, not just for yourself, but also to notice how your words might affect others. All written in a gentle tone they are very straight forward to follow and at a rate of one a day are easy to complete. Some suggest tasks that you can revisit time and again, and some might feel like a one off but if incorporated on a frequent basis into your regular routine quickly become a very positive habit.

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Practicing mindfulness doesn’t only support ill health and, in some cases, aid recovery, but it can also assist academic success. Clearing your mind of the noise and clutter of the everyday can help you to focus.

Furthermore, children can get involved in these exercises too. I was first introduced to the idea of practicing mindfulness with my boys through a school teacher who recommended this book to me. Since then, as a family, we do take time out to notice and to listen and to think about what is around us or what we are doing. These cards served as a timely reminder of that with a lot of change over the past year, and helped us to regroup.

Mindfulness gift, flower card

I would thoroughly recommend them as a gift for family, friends, or even a little extra for you to help during the busy season.

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