My Travel Plans for 2021


London Eye

It became apparent shortly after their arrival this year that our shiny new passports would not be needed. 2020 was the year that our bucket list was going to take us on our first foreign family holiday, giving the boys a taste of life abroad, a new language to learn and their first trip on an aeroplane. Unsurprisingly, that did not happen. So what travel plans do we have for 2021?

Travel is high on my list of things to do. A change of scene is so long overdue, having been in our house for all but 4 nights of 2020. Next year seems at the moment unlikely to produce an opportunity for foreign travel, so those passports may need to gather dust for a little longer, but staycation plans are very much in the pipeline. Destinations vary, but I would like to include a weekend away to London, with an overnight stay in a hotel and maybe taking in a show if theatres are able to reopen. I would also like to visit my university city of Liverpool. I have watched in admiration through the news recently as Liverpool’s residents signed up for mass testing to get the virus under control there. We have family living there too, who we are keen to see in person for the first time in too many months.

A visit to a seaside town is very much in focus as well. If you follow me on social media, you may recall that we visited Arundel in West Sussex in August, and last year ventured to Lyme Regis for a weekend away. Heading back to either area would be lovely. Alternatively we may venture slightly further west and into Cornwall, which somehow feels like a home from home even though we are solidly living right in the centre of the country and nowhere near a coastline! We have already booked some time away in Devon which we are hoping will be able to go ahead, especially as it sits between my and Jacob’s 40th birthdays and seems like a brilliant location to celebrate.

Government guidelines change regularly to protect us all and try to keep the virus under control. If they allow though, then I am hoping that we will go on holiday with wider family to Norfolk during the summer. It seems as though it has been too long since we were able to sit on a beach and make sandcastles with our parents, or more specifically the boys with their grandparents.

We normally head away in the October half term, and I am hoping against hope that might bring the opportunity for a final 2021 holiday. The destination? Honestly I don’t know. I think we will need to leave that until we see what 2021 brings, but if we can travel over a border somewhere that would be amazing.

All this said, we’re currently sitting in Tier 3 in Warwickshire, so we will absolutely take whatever we can get in terms of a brief change of scene. If you are in doubt what the rules are for your area or indeed the guidelines on safe travel generally, you can see the most up to date advice on the government website.

Are you thinking about holidays next year? Are you staying in the UK or hoping for foreign shores? Do let me know in the comments below.

N.B. This post is written in collaboration with, but all views are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure page.