My Year In Review 2018

January 2018

I debated whether to write a review of the last 12 months or not. I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions but I do like to take a moment from time to time to stop and consider life and think about my plans for the year ahead. I’m well aware that I can do this any day of the year but with so much buzz around the 1st of January it seems like a good time to take stock on the blog.

I’m not going to set out to be the healthiest version of myself or get more exercise because I’m slowly but surely doing that anyway. I’m not going to promise myself to travel more because whilst my passport has been gathering dust for the past ten years it is finances rather than a lack of desire that thwarts those plans. I am going to think about what I really want from life though.

I confess that yesterday when I looked back over the past year I felt disappointed. The areas that I set out to focus on I hadn’t really succeeded with and the year had not been the positive one I had hoped for. I woke this morning though with a renewed sense of determination to put measures in place to take control of my life’s path.

Much the same as last year, I want to focus on self-care. It’s easy to feel as though you’re being selfish when you want to take a break from life. I always encourage others that it actually helps you to be the best version of yourself, but I rarely listen to my own advice despite constantly promising to do so. So this year I will. This year I will listen to myself.

With that in mind I’m not going to harp on any more about what I will be doing. Instead I’m going to spend a moment reflecting on the positives from last year and hope that with a good dollop of looking after myself I will continue to find positive moments this year too.


New Year's Day walk 2018We kicked the year off with several walks. It felt good to get out of the house and clear our heads before heading back to school and work.


Working on my blogI started to take on paid work through my blog. I had written words for others to use previously, but taking on work to publish here was new to me and I was excited to see where it would lead.


Beast from the East 2018The Beast from the East raged and my boys and I spent a lot of time playing in the snow that arrived!


Looking at chicksWe spent quality time together over the Easter holidays which was needed. The boys loved watching these baby chicks at Mary Arden’s Farm.


Out in the gardenMy birthday month was full of illness one way or another, but we still managed to get out into the garden and appreciate the nature blooming around us.


Cat in the garden #30DaysWildWe took part in #30DaysWild again and loved it! Even the cat got involved.


Fields in the summerThe sun shone or rather scorched us almost every day. It was a bit too hot for me but we had a lot of fun and water play!


Dippy on tour in BirminghamWe welcomed August from a tent in Cornwall and fell in love with the county so much that we planned a return trip pretty promptly. It had everything that each one of us needed from a holiday destination. We also went to Birmingham to see Dippy the Diplodocus on tour – he was huge!


Meeting an owlThis was the month for going back to school after a lovely summer break. It was also a month for new experiences and trying to continue the fun in between the horror of homework.


Cornish holidayWe returned to Cornwall for a much needed break and stayed on a farm. The boys were delighted to get involved! The weather was very kind to us and we spent a lot of the week on the beaches.


10 year wedding anniversaryJacob and I celebrated ten years of marriage. It was very understated with no fancy meals out or nights away, but it was nice to have a moment to think back on all that has happened and all that we have achieved as Team Isherwood.


Christmas 2018Well of course Christmas dominated this month, with school plays, Christmas parties and singalongs thrown into the mix. I don’t think we stopped until after the big day itself!


What is your favourite memory from 2018? Do you make resolutions for the year ahead? Drop me a comment below!


1st January 2019


Better late than never. Just been dipping into your blog which i haven’t really done before to any great extent. To be honest this is a world away from my use of social interaction via www. Never mind – I’m still learning as the years pass me by. For me 2018 brought me face to face with a lot of things that i’m not very good at and the invevitable personal conflicts. 2019 already has its challenges but i’m feeling better physically and mentally to meet them head on. There are some very difficult decisions ahead but with my fabulous daughters and grandchildren on the same side they will be that much easier.
I realise the opportunities to do some of the things I dreamt about have gone but those would have taken me in such different direstions so I don’t hold any regrets – well maybe one but that’s another story. Perhaps my philosophy should be live for today for who knows what tomorrow may bring but it’s not quite that simple!
Like many of my peers i’m on the final straight and staring old age in the face with whatever that may mean to me. I hope it’s a kind, gentle trip.
Dad xx

I hope it is too. You’ll have to tell me your regret one day 😉 xx

A lovely look back on a fun filled and busy year. It looks like you had an absolute blast. Last year was stressful and hectic so this year we plan on a much more relaxed approach! I hope you achieve everything you hope for #Blogstravaganza

Thank you Jo, I hope you do too x

It is good you are honest and can relate life is never a straight line is it. All the best for the new year X #Blogstravaganza

That’s certainly true. All part of the journey! X

Such a good way to review the year. It’s easy to look back with regrets, but they’re there to learn from and move on from. My life is quite chaotic at the moment, and I have a habit of taking far too much on and over-committing regularly. I’m working to manage that this year, and to work harder at fewer projects. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting people through the link ups, sometimes it’s just nice to know that somebody is reading and digesting what you’ve written. Wishing you all a prosperous and peaceful 2019 xx #Blogstravaganza

Thank you. I’m the same but I need to learn to slow down and focus on my boys this year. As the eldest approaches double figures I’m feeling it more than ever before that we miss opportunities for quality time together when we’re buzzing around doing other things. 2018 was definitely a year to learn from, and looking back I do feel quite positive about that xx

Last year was a fairly quiet one for us and that I welcomed we had fun as a family and the boys are growing so fast. I am hoping this year can be the same #Blogstravaganza

That’s what I’m hoping for this year too – fingers crossed! xx

I’ll say that last year was a tough year for me too. I took blogging seriously and created a schedule of consistency and saw it grow but not as much as I would have liked to. I guess I have to keep my day job a lot longer than I planned. At the same time I learned so much, met other bloggers, and the takeaway for me from last year is that I have what it takes to be successful.

There’s a lot of little milestones from last year and because of your blog, I started participating in linky parties and participated a bit in #30daysWild too.

How lovely! I’m so pleased that you have got involved in the linkys, I really enjoy running #Blogstravaganza and linking up to others. I love #30DaysWild too. Blogging is tough but making the connections makes it worthwhile. There is a lovely community out there. Here’s to a successful 2019 🙂 x

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