Name a baby lemur at Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom!

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Baby Lemur

A  zoo in Shropshire is asking the nation for help in naming a baby lemur.  The competition is part of the activities the zoo has organised to celebrate the 6th World Lemur Festival running this month.

Partner and Head Hoo Keeper Will Dorrell said “We’ve launched a competition to find a name for our baby lemur who is now out and about exploring our Lemur Forest“. 

The competition is part of the activities the family-run zoo has organised to celebrate the 6th World Lemur Festival running this month.

Critically Endangered

Lemur looking across
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The awareness spotlight is on the plight of the Madagascan lemur; one of the world’s the most adorable and popular animals. Native to the island country lying off the south-eastern coast of Africa, the world’s oldest primate is threatened with extinction. 98% are at risk of disappearance and a staggering 33% are categorised as Critically Endangered, the highest threat level. The lemur’s popularity soared when the world fell in love with King Julian, one of the principal characters in the Madagascar films, but few are aware of the current crisis the animal faces if action isn’t taken soon.

In collaboration with the Lemur Conservation Network, Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom  is supporting an awareness drive by launching its first-ever Leap for Lemurs event. The week-long event starts on Saturday 24th October. The final day of the Hoo Farm event coincides with World Lemur Day itself, Friday 30th October. 

World Lemur Festival

The first World Lemur Festival was celebrated in 2014, thanks to Jonah Ratsimbazafy of GERP Madagascar, one of Madagascar’s leading primatologists. It has been held every year since.

The festival raises awareness about the value of lemurs as Madagascar’s unique natural heritage among scientists and the general public. It aims to awaken pride for lemurs in Malagasy people, improve the economy through tourism, and promote lemur conservation and education worldwide.

Lemur on a rock
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As part of the global World Lemur Festival, the family-run zoo will be hosting daily educational talks and introducing visitors to the 11 resident lemurs during their Leap for Lemurs event. Visitors can wander through the Lemur Forest, home to 9 ring-tailed and 2 black and white ruffed lemurs, join the educational talks and enter a competition to win an animal experience by naming the zoo’s newest lemur arrival. For those who prefer to get up close and personal, an animal experience can be booked online* ahead of the day. 

Partner and Head Hoo Keeper Will Dorrell said “We’re committed to help organisations that protect, educate and safeguard animals from extinction. Lemurs are one of the world’s most endangered group of mammals and we support the mission to raise awareness and save lemurs from extinction“.

Lucia Rodriguez, director of The Lemur Conservation Network, explains “It is necessary to work hard, united, and close to the Malagasy people to save lemurs from extinction. We are facing a crisis that goes beyond Madagascar and needs to be addressed by the world. This is why we are so excited that zoos around the world are celebrating the World Lemur Festival. By teaching visitors about lemurs, zoos inspire new lemur fans who can then share their love of lemurs with their friends and family and act with us to save lemurs from extinction.

Did You Know…!

It costs £1200 per a year for the food for one lemur. That’s over £13,000 in grub alone for the lemurs at Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom. Here are 5 more lemur facts:

  • Madagascar is the only place lemurs naturally call home
  • There are over 100 species of lemur
  • Lemurs have a female-dominant society
  • As crucial seed dispersers, lemurs are ‘creators of the forest’
  • Besides humans, lemurs are the only primates that have blue eyes
Lemur sitting in a tree
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Adopt a Lemur at Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom

Lemurs are amazing, unique and wonderful.  Sadly, they are also the world’s most endangered group of mammals and in need of very special attention, both internationally and within Madagascar.” — Russ Mittermeier, Ph.D.; Chairman, IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group; Chief Conservation Officer, Global Wildlife Conservation

Lemur-lovers can show further support by adopting a lemur for one year. Including a certificate of adoption, lemur magnet and one day visit to Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom the funds from all adoption packages helps Hoo Farm to cover all feeding, veterinary, housing and enrichment the animals need. The Lemur Adoption Package is available for £50.

‘Name That Lemur’

Entrants can enter the competition by emailing [email protected] with ‘Name That Lemur’ as the subject. The lucky winner will receive a Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom animal experience for 2. The winner will be notified via email on Sunday 1st November 2020. Good luck!

*Tickets to Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom must be purchased online. Bookings made up to midnight of the night before the visit are eligible for a discount. Adults £11.95, Seniors £10.45, Family of 4 £44.00 / 5 £55, Children £10.95

FREE admission for armed forces, NHS, Police and fire service

Meerkat, Serval and Lemur Experience for 2 is £120

More Information:

Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom (

Hoo Farm is a family run Countryside Attraction nestling in 32 acres of woodland and paddocks in the heart of rural Shropshire. The farm itself is possibly 200 years old and over the years has been a dairy farm, Christmas tree nursery an award-winning farm attraction, but most of all it has been a happy home to the Dorrell family since 1988.

Lemur Conservation Network (

The Lemur Conservation Network (LCN) unites over 60 conservation organizations working to save lemurs from extinction. The purpose is to educate the public about lemurs, raise awareness for their conservation, and promote the people and organizations working to save them from extinction. The organisation was founded in 2015 as a project of the Madagascar Section of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)’s Primate Specialist Group. Together with local communities in Madagascar and around the world, the Lemur Conservation Network key effort is to save lemurs from extinction by protecting their habitats and supporting Malagasy people.

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