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Inside of the National Space Centre

Boasting the largest planetarium in the UK, an impressive 42m Rocket Tower and interactive displays throughout, the National Space Centre in Leicester is a perfect day out for all the family.

National Space Centre welcome sign

Entrance to the National Space Centre

I love space. I have long been fascinated by what lies beyond the Earth’s atmosphere and how understanding more about our solar system can help us to better appreciate the planet that we live on. It’s not just the planets, moons and stars that fascinate me either. That we can put technology into space to help us to make forecasts about the weather, provide entertainment for us in the comfort of our own home, navigate us around the world… that blows my mind.Soyuz spacecraft

The National Space Centre truly is a place for every member of the family. Whilst the boys were in awe of the Rocket Tower and delighted in pretending to launch a space rocket, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the interactive space station section. We all had fun in the lunar landing module, with The Loud One definitely in control when it came to flicking the switches!We are stars display

The highlight of our day had to be the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium. When we visited, the film showing was called ‘We Are Stars’ (you can find more information about it here). We were all mesmerised and Chief and Munch learnt so much from the detail of it. The animation was wonderful and it was thoroughly engaging for children of all ages.

The Centre has been designed with all in mind. The shop and café were easy to access, and there were plenty of toilet facilities too. Friendly staff were available to handle any queries that you might have during your visit.

The exhibition space covers the universe in all its glory from planets and stars through to space missions and landing on the moon. We would recommend paying it a visit, or two – if you book online you can upgrade for free to an annual pass.

Duck and planet in a bath

Display about war craft

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