Our 2021 Calendar of Goodwill

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Christmas gifts with fairy lights

Despite the drop in temperature and recent snow flurry, I can’t quite believe it is the 1st of December and Christmas is just a short hop, skip and jump away! I’ve written before about how we approach the season through our Calendar of Goodwill, and with the pandemic having impacted yet another year it seems so important to continue our tradition where we can. Once again I wanted to share our thoughts in case you were looking for inspiration to do your own this year.

Much like last year, there are a few favourites missing from the list. We don’t feel that things are quite settled enough to be taking homemade cakes and bakes round to our neighbours as we used to do in pre pandemic times. Hand delivering Christmas treats to the doctors is also tricky (attendance is strictly by appointment only, and no gifts are allowed). The same goes for our local A&E department. Vending machines nearby remain taped up or are taking card payments only, so dropping money in those is also not possible.

What we have found though, is that there are many more local charities running reverse advent calendars. We will make sure to increase our efforts to support these during the month, along with the drop boxes in supermarkets for the food bank and animal shelters.

Christmas Scene - Cup of Toast

Below is our list of what we will be doing for our 2021 Calendar of Goodwill. I do hope that you find it helpful should you choose to make your own:

  • Donate children’s toys and books to a local charity who is collecting them to pass on as presents to local families
  • Add tinned and long life food and drink to the shopping each week and pass it to the foodbank
  • Buy cat and dog food for the local animal shelters
  • Volunteer our time
  • Pass good quality clothes and duplicate gifts to charity shops to sell in the run up to Christmas
  • Go on a litter pick in our local area
  • Leave a positive review of at least one small business we love on Google
  • Keep the bird feeders topped up with food
  • Buy a homeless person lunch
  • Support local traders by shopping at the market
  • Donate sanitary items to a local charity to distribute to people in need

I hope that whatever you are doing you feel able to sprinkle a little goodwill of your own during this season. Do let me know what you’re up to in the comments below!