Our Day Out At the Snowdome in Tamworth

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Ice rink and snow park at the Snowdome

Last weekend we kicked off our Easter holiday in style with a visit to the Snowdome in Tamworth. We’ve been to their Winter Wonderland before, but haven’t visited in the slightly warmer parts of the year. For full disclosure, we had been invited back, but this review is as always based on our honest opinion.

Planning the school holidays

Starting off the holiday period with the kids is always an interesting affair. Do you ease them into it with some lazy days, slowly transitioning from the school routine? Or shock them straight out of the end of term fug with some instant holiday action. Invariably – whichever option you choose it often feels that it’s the wrong one! This Easter though, we seemed to hit the right note with a bit of icy and climbing action.

Day activities at the Snowdome

If you’ve heard of the Snowdome then you’re probably mostly aware of the downhill ski run, however there are also a multitude of family friendly activities to try as well. I took our three boys for the day, starting off with half an hour in the snow-park. Two of them went straight to the toboggan run, while the youngest started pelting snowballs at me. After a while the other two came down to get their turn while the third had a go on the snow diggers. It was a good start to the day, even if I didn’t appreciate the snow now melting down my back.

Snow park at the Snowdome

The next activity was booked a little later, so we sat down in the Aspen restaurant and I ordered lunch for me and the kids. Overlooking the ski run, we had fun watching people go up and down while we easily ordered via a QR code. The kids wolfed down their pizzas with included fruit shoots and I tucked into my hearty sausage, definitely getting into the Teutonic vibe. The kids also convinced me to get them hot chocolates to warm their icy hands back to a reasonable temperature.

Climbing wall

Now we’d warmed up, it was time to get going to the climbing wall. We picked up our pre-booked tickets just before each activity from the main reception desk after they scanned our QR code. At the wall, the boys donned their harnesses and watched a short safety video. It’s a clip and climb affair, so the kids can pick the walls they’re interested in and hook themselves on. The Snowdome’s climbing wall goes really high so they got a great sense of achievement from reaching the top! Thankfully, there are a number of different walls allowing kids to work their way up to something more challenging as they get more confident. This helped them set their pace without feeling as though they’d missed an opportunity for trying the bigger walls too.

Climbing wall at the Snowdome

Ice rink

After the climb, they’d now reversed their temperatures and were looking pretty warm. It was time for a good ice-skate, just to make sure I’d squeezed out any last ounce of proto-holiday excitement! The two older boys had been skating before and were pretty confident, whereas for our youngest it was his first time. I hired a penguin which got him off to a good start – especially as my own legs had forgotten what to do! Thankfully, I got back into it. There are two ice rink areas tucked downstairs in the Snowdome – a main oval, sitting next to the snow park, and a track that circles all around the central rink and snow park itself. The oval gives a good place to get started and find your ice legs, before adventuring out on to the longer circuit. This is good fun with some slight slopes easing you up and down. I found that this adds interest compared to a regular ice rink. People were very considerate and took care around the different ages and abilities which is always nice to see when you’re visiting with young family.

Ice rink at the Snowdome

And, finally…

We finished off our with a quick brownie in the Lifthouse café before heading home. The boys had a great time and we filled pretty much the whole day. It’s a great day out and nice to be able to pick an itinerary that suits you and your family at the Snowdome.

N.B. We were gifted our activity tickets for the Snowdome, but as always all thoughts are our own. If you would like to see more, please take a look at my Instagram reel. To find up to date ticket information, please take a look at the Snowdome website.