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My studies in English Literature expanded my knowledge more than my 17 year old self, carefully selecting courses based on my preferred subject matter, could have ever realised. My love of foreign languages and historical events for example became an important foundation for my learning at University. With wider thought processes and a better understanding of the intricate relationship between my favourite subjects, the literary field stretched way beyond the horizon of my previous imaginings. Chaucer became accessible in his original form as did other literature, copies of which I still have today (Piers Plowman, anyone?).

I am certain that my interest in this subject came from an early love of text, in many forms, and from reading widely. I can still recall some of my favourite childhood stories and poems today with vivid clarity, and my recollection includes the illustrations which brought the text to life. So I was determined that one thing that would become part of my children’s routine from the day they arrived home from the hospital was to share books with them. From those early picture books through to Roald Dahl and J. K. Rowling, enjoying them together is the corner stone of a happy evening in our household.

Which brings me to this post. For this year’s World Book Day Thursday, 2nd March 2017, I thought that you might be interested in our favourite books by age range and that this would be an opportune time to share them with you all. Links to each age category are below. I’ve currently only gone up to age 7 to reflect our young family although I (/we – our boys were very excited to help with this post!) will keep adding to this in years to come as they grow.

As a side note here, we started the task of choosing our favourites in January and perhaps unsurprisingly there have been several iterations of these lists, so it is entirely possible that there will be a round two of this post next year too! I’m certain that there will be some hidden gems that we have forgotten this time around as well, or stories that we don’t know about yet.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on your favourite books, plus, PLEASE, do get in touch to tell me what delights are in store for our children as they get older.

I hope you might discover a new treasure among our favourites, and if you do, enjoy 🙂

Our top picks by age:

0 – 1 years

1 – 2 years

2 – 3 years

3 – 4 years

4 – 5 years

5 – 6 years

6 – 7 years


Our favourite books for children

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24th February 2017


Giraffes can’t dance by Files Andrea and Guy Parker Rees is a favourite. It has great pictures and fun rhyming text and a message that it’s okay to be different!

That book nearly made our list for one of the older age groups! Both Giles Andreae and Guy Parker Rees are featured for other books though. We found it very difficult to choose an absolute favourite whilst trying not to feature the same author or illustrator twice. Like you, I love the theme and the illustrations of Giraffes Can’t Dance 🙂 thank you for your recommendation!

I can imagine it was really hard to come up with a favourites list – there are so many great kids books. There are quite a few on your lists that I have never come across – so thanks for the inspiration!

You’re welcome! Yes, it was really tough, we have so many books that we love and plenty by relatively unknown authors which we have tried to reflect in our lists 🙂

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