Out in the garden this summer

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Sand pit

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. We love going to parks, exploring woodland and running across fields.

If you are a regular reader or follow me on social media you will know that we spent a heavenly week on holiday in Cornwall during the summer of 2018. We had a good amount of thinking time there whilst exploring beaches and open spaces and came home buzzing with ideas of things that we can improve upon in our home and garden. If you read about our trip to the Eden Project you’ll know that the latter in particular is firmly in my mind.

I love our garden. It’s not particularly overlooked and is bordered with a hedge and mature trees at the end which gives us additional privacy. What it is missing though is real thought to the design and that’s what I’m hoping to concentrate more on over the coming weeks, months and even years.

I am sure that my boys will get involved with this project. They are always so enthusiastic about choosing new plants and are really thoughtful when it comes to colour and seasonal combinations. In fact I could learn a lot from their less complicated approach to gardening! There will be times though where inevitably their attention might wander, and that’s fair enough, after all they are only young. So I need to find a balance of things to keep them occupied in the garden whilst I’m pottering about sorting out the plants, filling new pots and digging holes for a tree or two.

There are already a few ‘go to’ activities in our outdoor space. The sand pit is popular and they have a play shed filled with water toys, cars, scooters and a play kitchen where they can perfect their mud pies. We were gifted a climbing frame and swing set when we moved which they love too, and we have a small seesaw. There is one thing that we don’t have though that now they are a little older might well provide plenty of fun and we are being asked by them to consider: a ‘proper’ trampoline.


We’ve held off buying one because of some of the warnings that come along with them, but having read more I am confident that we can overcome several of these issues. Some of the more common accidents relate to improper installation of, for example, an accompanying safety net. Other injuries occur when children pile on all at once or are left completely unsupervised. Although my intention might be to do some pruning, weeding and digging we don’t exactly have acres of land so a trampoline would be in clear sight at all times.

Another reason for holding off buying one was the cost. Long term investments such as a fruit tree or two seemed better than putting all of our budget into high cost play equipment. This too can be overcome though. Sites such as https://www.latestdeals.co.uk/tags/trampoline offer a great range of trampolines at surprisingly low prices.

I guess the only thing left to consider now is which size and style to go for.

Do you have a trampoline in your garden? Do you love it as much as your children? Let me know your thoughts!

Out in the Garden with Cup of Toast

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