Paramedic Chris – A Review

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Paramedic Chris front cover

I’m delighted to be bringing you not one, but three children’s books in review today! All based on central character Chris, the books focus on the varied work of our wonderful ambulance crews.

About the books

Paramedic Chris; Paramedic Chris A Helping Hand; and Paramedic Chris A Sorry Bully, are aimed at children aged four to ten years old. They are a series of books that hope to help children understand the importance of the work of paramedics.

Paramedic Chris – children learn the importance of not making prank calls to the Emergency Services.

Paramedic Chris A Helping Hand – the team receive a call from an elderly patient, but all is not what it seems.

Paramedic Chris A Sorry Bully – the children learn a valuable lesson when the ambulance visits the school.

Paramedic Chris A Sorry Bully
What did I think?

The Paramedic Chris books are a super introduction to the emergency services for children. Through the main character Chris and his colleagues, young readers are taken into the world of a paramedic and the importance of it. Across the series of books we meet a number of characters who need help, and better understand the diversity of Chris’s job. The plots and interactions also raise good discussion points. These can be used to further discuss what is happening and what might happen next.

The books are written in a flowing and simple style, which makes them great for children who can already read. The illustrations are clear and colourful. They underpin the story well so children who can’t yet read can still be involved in telling them.

As always, mine is not the only opinion that counts when it comes to children’s books though! When I asked my boys what they thought, they especially liked how realistic the books were. They also felt that having read the series, they better understood the variety of calls that a paramedic might need to respond to.

About the author
Tim Parsons author

My name is Tim Parsons, I am the author of the children’s book series Paramedic Chris. They are aimed at educating children aged between four and ten years of age upon the works of the ambulance service.

The series are a result of my experience of when I served as chaplain to south east coast ambulance service, and went third manning with various ambulance crews.

My long term goal is to open a centre for supporting mental health.

Copies of the books are available from Amazon, Waterstones, WHSmith as well as the audio version from my website:

As I sign all of my books, ‘keep safe’.

Paramedic Chris A Helping Hand

N.B. Thank you to Tim Parsons for reaching out and gifting me the books in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own (or those of my children!). For more information about how I work with others, please take a look at my disclosure page.