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Bright blue polo shirt on boy

I’m sure that I can’t be the only person who, after a few washes of white clothes, finds that they have an increasingly grey wardrobe. Or that I’m the only one who experiences that familiar sinking feeling when a white top comes through the wash with tell-tale yellow sunscreen marks on it. Normally I have one of four uses for such items of clothing:

1. They become mucky spares for painting or gardening;
2. They become dressing up clothes for the children;
3. They are turned into rags; or
4. They are put into our nearest fabric recycling box.

A couple of years ago, determined to avoid waste, I started a little collection of previously white items. I ventured to our local large craft supplier for some fabric dye and, well, the pile of clothes was distributed by one of the above four methods. I simply didn’t have the time (or inclination, if I’m honest) to measure out various portions of fabric dye and mix them up and apply them accordingly in order to get good results.

So when I saw that DYLON was looking for people to review their dye pod it aroused my natural curiosity. Here was a pod, ready mixed, and you all have to do is add it to your washing and hey presto clothes and fabrics would be dyed. DYLON sent me their Ocean Blue pod to try. I selected two previously white polo shirts for the boys, and one previously white cotton shower curtain which I wanted to transform into a table cloth.

The process itself was very easy. You remove the outer packaging, take the easy to peel seal off the top and pop it in with your damp washing. You then run it on one cycle with the dye, remove the now empty pod and run another cycle with detergent, and hey presto your garments are transformed! It was so easy and reminded me of when I used to use a washing ball for liquid detergent before I switched to using powder.

Not only that but I was thrilled with the results! The two polo shirts are a beautiful deep blue colour (which the boys are delighted with too) and the old shower curtain being a heavier fabric is a lighter colour. Each garment is evenly dyed and, with one final empty cycle, the washing machine is clean and ready to use again for regular washing.

In my opinion DYLON have come up with a great solution for transforming tired fabrics whilst also making the process easy and not time intensive. Competitively priced I would happily use one of these again and recommend them to others. There are a range of colours to choose from and, like I did, you can use them to give new life to an old piece of fabric, freshening it up for an alternative use.

My only concern, and I wouldn’t be providing an honest review if I didn’t point this out, is that although the pods are recyclable (and ours can go into our curbside collection) you can’t refill them. The textile dyeing process, at home or on an industrial level, does have environmental impacts, and it would be nice to minimise these by making the pods refillable rather than adding them to your recycling pile each time. Then again, I have removed three (one quite large) textile items from that pile, so perhaps that is the balance.

All in all, I would recommend this product for ease of use and for the end result.

Thank you to DYLON for supplying the product for review. All opinions are my own. To learn more, please visit my disclosure page here.


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