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We moved house back in 2016. We moved for more outdoor space which was the one (only!) thing that our old home couldn’t offer, and with three young boys and a dog a decent sized area to stretch our legs was becoming a priority. Were it not for that though I’m not sure that we would have moved, and it’s safe to say that now we have I have absolutely no desire to do so again anytime soon. In fact I take my hat off to anyone who has gone through the house moving process more than once!

I know that we carefully considered all options available to us before taking the plunge, but often an existing home can actually offer the extras that you are looking for. We all know the options of extending a property to add a room or two, but what if that’s simply not possible or within budget? With it being the time of year that the housing market seems to pick up speed again, I thought I’d share my tips for things that you can do to resell your existing home to yourself, without spending a fortune.


Paint roller

It seems so obvious, but a fresh lick of paint can really make rooms come back to life. We love the Dulux Light and Space paint, which we feel does make a difference although it also costs more. Or, for a cheaper plain option why not take a look at Screwfix. Their paint is actually really good! You don’t have to stop with the walls either, although it can be tiresome consider really going for it and repainting your woodwork and even radiators whilst you’re at it. Even if you paint your whole house top to bottom it will be cheaper and arguably less time consuming than moving.

Switch around the furniture.

So your sofa is super comfy and your bookcases work for you. Don’t throw out things that suit but do consider moving them around. Think about the natural light that comes into each room and where it falls. Make sure it’s not blocked and if possible reflect it with light colours or a large mirror. Would different pieces of furniture work better in another room? Really try to visualise the room as if it were empty and build it back up using what you have before thinking about buying anything new.

Rethink your space.

Along the same theme, think about the use of each room in your house. Does your living room have to be where it is? Who says that you can’t have a ground floor bedroom and an upstairs living room if that’s what suits? Perhaps your dining room has always been your dining room, but could you locate your dining table elsewhere and transform it into a beautiful garden room? There is so much potential in each and every room in a property. With the exception of a bathroom and kitchen which are a little more tricky, virtually any room can be swapped with another to suit your lifestyle.

Change the soft furnishings.

New cushion

I recall when I first joined a local selling group I was puzzled by the number of people selling entire sets of – insert colour – cushions, throws, rugs and so on. I used to change the soft furnishings in my university room on a regular basis to freshen it up, but I soon realised that this could be done on a much grander scale. And with everyone seemingly doing it you can probably pick up a new set of soft furnishings in whichever colour you are searching for from a local selling group too.

Add personal touches.

It might seem obvious, but if you haven’t already then consider flourishing a room with personal touches. From photographs, to house plants to wall hangings. It is an inexpensive way to add you to your home and create a relaxing space. Even upcycling an old piece of furniture can go a long way to putting your stamp on it at this moment in time without incurring huge expenses.

And finally, declutter.

With a variety of associated books there is a real buzz around decluttering at the moment, and it can make such a difference. Of all the boxes that were packed into the early hours when we moved nearly two years ago, around a dozen were repacked and shipped off to charity shops shortly after we arrived in our new home. We had only lived in our old house for ten years but we had accumulated so much stuff! Not just toys, but kitchen utensils, gadgets, bedding, spare curtains… Basically all sorts of things that we just didn’t need. In fact, it amazed me how much stuff we owned that we had never used. Of all the things that we got rid of I only remember two items which may have come in handy over the past couple of years if I’d kept them, but nothing else.

So there you have it! All simple and relatively low cost options which might just help you to rethink your current home.

What do you do to make your home work for you through the years? I’d love you to share your tips with me below!

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