Simple Salad

The quickest, easiest salad that literally goes with anything!

Handful of rocket
Handful of fresh spinach
Handful of watercress
Sliced ice berg lettuce (slice with a plastic salad knife to retain a fresh green appearance)
1 fresh red pepper (sliced)

Wash thoroughly and toss together in a bowl. Serve and enjoy!

Optional: add some colour with a Red Batavia lettuce or salad greens with purple accents.
Optional: for added moisture throw in some sliced cucumber.
Optional: for a little extra protein, try crumbling a small portion of goats cheese into the bowl and mix thoroughly with the other components.
Optional: for a little crunch and to help fill you up, consider adding pine nuts or pumpkin seeds.


This salad features inΒ my weekly meal planner – check it out here.

29th January 2017

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