Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

This isn’t on my meal planner, because it takes a while to prepare so isn’t as quick an easy as the meals featured. Despite the preparation time, it is very easy to make though and always goes down so well with our three growing boys – and my husband 😉 !

Serves 6

20 x dry cannelloni tubes
1 x tsp coconut oil
2 x onions, chopped
1 tbsp tomato puree
2 x 400g canned chopped tomatoes
250g ricotta cheese
150g spinach
1 x egg
50g freshly grated cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Lightly fry the onion in the oil for 2 minutes.

2. Add the tomato puree and continue to fry over medium heat for a further minute.

3. Add the chopped tomatoes, salt and pepper, and simmer for 25 – 30 minutes.

4. Chop the spinach and simmer in water until wilted.

5. Strain the spinach, add the ricotta cheese and the egg, and mix well.

6. Using a teaspoon, carefully fill the cannelloni tubes with the spinach and ricotta mix.

7. Place the tubes in a casserole dish in a single layer.

8. When ready, pour the tomato sauce over the cannelloni and top with half of your grated cheese.

9. Place in a pre-heated oven (180 degrees) for 35 minutes, or until the pasta feels soft when tested with a knife or fork.

10. Serve with a dash of freshly grated cheese and enjoy! (We love this dish with green veg on the side – such as beans, broccoli, and /or peas – or a simple salad in milder weather).

5th February 2017

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