Spring Is Sprung…?


Purple croci

Is spring sprung? It certainly feels as though it is. After the Beast from the East last week bringing minus degree temperatures, snow drifts, ice and slush aplenty, suddenly this week we have been treated to warm sunshine here in Warwickshire. Not only that, but the buzzards are hovering overhead again, magpies are collecting mud for their nests and the garden really feels as though it’s waking up.

In fact it feels as though we’re all shaking and stretching off the winter. My thick coat (worn inside last week) is now a bit too warm for springtime strolls. The lighter nights feel more relaxed and the extra hours of daylight just make each day feel longer and more productive. There’s something lovely about being able to draw a deep breath of fresh air in too, without it hitting my lungs like an ice block.


I was out walking yesterday, observing some of the daffodils near us that are recovering from last week’s winter weather, and thinking about some of the main things that I love about spring. Autumn will always have my heart (the colours, the temperatures, the different celebrations of light and life) but spring comes in as a close second. I love seeing the signs of budding new life around us. Lambs, baby birds, flowers growing and flourishing from the once dormant looking earth, leaves unfurling.

Raindrops on leaves

The warmer weather means that windows can be thrown open again and fresh air can swirl through the house. We can play in the garden or park more easily without risking icy toes and fingers. We can get back outside, creating more areas in our garden, planting new shrubs and sowing more flower seeds. We can open up the play shed and really air it out whilst giving it a good clean and sort ready for this year’s outdoor games and fun.

In fact perhaps that’s the thing that I like most of all. The idea that this is a new, fresh start, and a new opportunity to organise, create and accomplish.

Which season is your favourite?

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7th March 2018


I do love Spring. It’s so nice to have some warmer weather again, isn’t it! Although I did wake up to snow yesterday it was gone by the afternoon and the warmer temperatures were back! #blogstravaganza

Yes it was suddenly very cold and wet here yesterday! Better again today though.

Spring is definitely my favourite season! #BLOGSTRAVAGANZA

It’s certainly very calming listening to the birds and the lambs.

i adore spring for the world coming to life again, but i do have a soft spot for the beauty of autumn #Blogstravaganza.

Yes, I think it’s the variety of colours in the autumn that gets me 🙂

Oh I love Spring! But later on in Spring…end of April when all the lovely spring flowers are out. #blogstravaganza

Oh yes, late spring is lovely!

Spring is my favourite time of year, I love the longer days and warmer temperatures. I can’t wait until my daffodils pop up too! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

It’s lovely to see everything awakening isn’t it!

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