The Best Spots in Egypt for Digital Nomads

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International Airport - flights to Egypt

I have long been eyeing up places to go abroad with the children. Whilst they are loving exploring the UK, my feet are itching to get travelling further afield again. My work is pretty flexible and means I can normally take chunks of the school holiday off, but when the need to work collides with a desire to travel I have been pondering the idea of working abroad. Or at least, being contactable abroad. I have been looking far and wide from Canada to Egypt, but a recent conversation sparked an interest in finding out more about the latter option.

Egypt is well known for being rich in ancient historical sites (huge tick for me!) and its coastline is dotted with gorgeous beaches. This makes it a popular holiday destination for a wide variety of travellers from tourists to slightly longer term digital nomads. I have taken a look at some of the more popular places, and with a little help* I have found three destinations in Egypt which I think would tick the boxes of travel with options to work.

1. Cairo, capital of Egypt

As the capital of Egypt and the country’s most populous city, Cairo is a natural draw for digital nomads looking for exciting attractions and a fast pace of life. Here you’ll get a taste of true Egyptian culture, but it’s also a very multicultural city which can help foreign visitors to feel at home.

There’s no end of attractions to take in, many of which offer insights into ancient civilisations, such as the Egyptian Museum which is home to more than 120,000 antiquities including sarcophagi and mummies. I think my boys would absolutely love to see those! Cairo also has plenty of amenities, including an extensive metro network and options of places to plug in and do a little work when needed.

2. Dahab for natural beauty

The beautiful town of Dahab lies on the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, around 50 miles northeast of Sharm el-Sheikh. It has a fast-growing community of digital nomads drawn by its gorgeous coastal landscape and peaceful atmosphere. Dahab was once a fishing town, but its picturesque scenery has attracted Egyptians from inland regions as well as expats from overseas. This means it is now a fairly multicultural town, despite its modest population of 15,000.

There’s lots of adventure activities to try here. A quick search shows scuba diving, rock climbing and hiking, among others, so it will suit us as we love spending time outdoors. Plus, it’s a very cheap place to live if we had a short term rental, and potentially safer compared to big cities. The biggest downside of Dahab is that it’s fairly remote with few amenities compared to Cairo. High-speed internet is very limited which could be a problem for work. It stays on my list for being so beautiful, but might be better to visit with older children.

El Gouna in Egypt
Photo by Levi Morsy on Unsplash

3. El Gouna for beachside luxury

With gorgeous architecture, pristine lagoons and premium facilities, the private beach town of El Gouna is a luxurious destination for digital nomads. It sits on the Red Sea Coast near Hurghada which is a popular resort city. El Gouna is a relatively new town, and in recent years it has made a name for itself as a haven for digital entrepreneurs.

I have been told that it has excellent facilities with very good Wi-Fi available in most parts of the town. It looks livelier than Dahab but nowhere near as busy and crowded as Cairo. The biggest con of staying in El Gouna is the cost. It’s an upmarket town with expensive accommodation, food and drink, so it’s not the best spot for travellers on a budget, which as a family of five most likely counts this Egyptian destination out for us. Still, it’s an interesting find and again, looks gorgeous.

Final thoughts on Egypt

These are just three destinations that I have found in Egypt which might suit. That said, there are so many more places to explore too. I don’t feel as though I’d ever run out of options here, between the history, the beaches, the culture and the mountains. Researching the country has been fascinating and definitely given me food for thought!

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*this is a collaborative post. For more information, please see my disclosure page.